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Inspiring ideas for an unforgettable Father's Day!

Treat your father to some one-on-one time with a twist

There’s no way you’re going to miss the boat this Father's Day. You’ve decided to go the extra mile and give your dad the gift he truly deserves. To truly impress him, you’re going to have to pull out all the stops and find an original idea to really blow him away. To mark the occasion, Accor have handpicked a selection of activities which are sure to delight. Here you have the key to planning a memorable Father's Day!

© Stefan Kraus

France: explore the great Bordeaux vintages

For a dad who knows his terroirs and enjoys haute cuisine, what could be better than giving him an insight into the great vintages of France’s most famous wine-making region? Right in the heart of Bordeaux, a haven for winelovers, you’re feel at home at the Hotel Burdigala from where you can take an exclusive tour of the Château Pape Clément vineyard. In this local institution boasting grapevines planted in the 12th century, you can discover the wonderful notes of the Pessac-Léognan Grand Cru and mark the occasion with a gourmet meal.

Germany: sample the regional specialties of the North Sea

Head to Hamburg for a cultural and culinary getaway! Before taking your dad to see the latest exhibition at the Kunsthalle, ease into your trip with a lunch stop at the Sofitel Hamburg’s Alter Wall. Seated on the terrace of Ticino, the hotel restaurant, just opposite the canal, you both order a delicious pannfish. This Hamburg specialty made with fish, bacon, mustard and potatoes is a local dish you must try for Father's Day! Naturally you have to wash it down with a pint of the world’s best lager beer. Your dad will insist on a second round!

United Kingdom: test drive an iconic sports car

With his love for humming engines, screeching tyres and humming exhaust pipes, your dad truly is a diehard sports car lover! To allow him to fulfil his dream, the Cheltenham Queens Hotel offers sessions aboard a classic Morgan, the jewel in the crown of British sports cars. After a track tour guided by a professional race car driver, your dad will have his turn in the driver’s seat, to satisfy the adrenaline junkie within…  

Australia: take a helicopter ride over a vineyard

Ever wondered how to reach dizzying heights while savouring the products from the cellar? Your old man’s dream can become a reality with Adelaide’s Mount Lofty House hotel and its helicopter vineyard flights. Take your dad up in the chopper for a private tour unlike no other and discover one of the most beautiful wine regions of the country. Once you come back down to Earth, it’s time for a gourmet meal which gives you the opportunity to try the wines from the areas you saw from the air. There’s no better way to top off the excitement of the aerial outing!
© Abaca Corporate/Barbara Zonzin

The Netherlands: taste the magic of award-winning restaurant fare

For a true foodie, dining at the restaurant of a prize-winning chef will always be a stand-out event. So for Father's Day, you take your dad to Pressroom, the in-house restaurant at Ink Hotel Amsterdam. Letting your tastebuds be guided by chef Tjitze Van der Dam, you will sample cuisine inspired by all four corners of the globe, with a focus on local ingredients. An unparallelled experience for your tastebuds!

Poland: try the best vodkas in the very heart of Warsaw

There’s something Poland is famous for, apart from pierogi and kluski (traditional raviolis and dumplings), and it’s called vodka! Together with your dad, you enjoy a trip to Warsaw to recharge your batteries and taste this Polish spirit at the Sofitel Warsaw Victoria. In the very cosy surroundings of the Victoria Lounge Bar, you try a number of local vodka varieties and discovery the subtleties of this renowned alcohol. Naturally the good things in life should be enjoyed with moderation…
© Fabrice Rambert

Brazil: indulge him with a tropical getaway near the beach

Luxury, tranquillity, beaches and coconut trees galore, that’s the kind of scene your dad is set to experience at the Guaruja Sofitel! For his special day, you treat him to a stay at this hotel overlooking Pernambuco Beach and complete with a well-deserved massage. Opposite the vast white sand beach, he can enjoy a spot of serenity and relaxation, soothed by the sound of the waves crashing. What dad doesn’t deserve to be a little bit spoilt?

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