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Golf: Five golfing holidays to relax while improving your swing

You have a bit of down-time up your sleeve; the perfect opportunity to practise your swing while soaking up the great outdoors. Get your clubs ready…

There’s something that Saint-Quentin, Luxembourg, Agadir, Newcastle and Bordeaux all have in common: a love affair with golf and courses which are growing in popularity. Treat yourself to a stay in a golf hotel; a unique holiday where you won’t have to travel far to fulfil your passion for the green. Check out these five golf-centric destinations for yourself.

Novotel Saint-Quentin National Golf Course

The majestic Novotel Saint-Quentin National Golf Course

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for. Leisurely seated on the sunny terrace of the Castle of Versailles may be close, but right now you feel like you’re the one wearing the crown.
Mercure Kikuoka Golf Club Hotel

One step ahead on the green of the Mercure Kikuoka Golf Club Hotel

You only left your hotel room two minutes ago and you’re already making strides on the green of the magnificent 18 holes of Kikuoka Golf Club Hotel near Luxembourg. Water hazards and bunkers are no match for you, because you already know the golf course like the back of your hand. 
Beginner’s luck? No, you just did your homework by going on the golf club website to check out the golf course drone footage! Before taking on this challenging course, you give yourself a brief moment to relax on the terrace of the club house, already picturing the reward for your effort: a sauna, jacuzzi and a gourmet meal, to top off an unforgettable stay.
Golf de l’océan

Four golf greens to visit in a single stay in Agadir

The Moroccan sun caresses and warms your skin. You are making the most of a deluxe stay at the Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay Resort. Despite what it may seem though, your down time is hardly spent sitting idle.
After a morning massage with argan oil and a dip in the gigantic hotel pool, your mind is ready to focus exclusively on the Golf de l’océan course. Framed between the land and the sea, surrounded by palm trees and eucalypts, you watch your ball glide effortlessly through the Moroccan sky, with the Grand Atlas Mountains providing a picturesque backdrop… You’re already thinking ahead to the other three legendary golf courses in Agadir which you’ll have the pleasure of checking out in the next stage of your trip.
Mercure George Washington Hotel

Swinging lessons at the Mercure George Washington Hotel in Newcastle

On the freshly mown green of the Mercure George Washington Hotel, you have your pockets full of tees and a clear goal:  to improve your precision. You work on your swing with an experienced professional and with help from Flightscope. You’ve just discovered your best ally: With this technology up your sleeve you can analyse your swings in minute detail, statistics at the ready.
Shot after shot, your touch becomes more fluid and you feel a subtle sensation of euphoria come over your entire body. Wedging, putting, bunker exits… you hit one ball after another while enjoying the charming countryside of Durham County, and look forward to the restorative cup of tea that awaits you at the Country Club. A golfing experience that’s right on par. 
 Médoc Hotel

The call of the open sea beckons at the Médoc Hotel golf course

You walk on the Vignes course, one of the international level 18-hole golf courses of the water mirror.
Between two putts, you savour the autumn landscape with its maritime pines, gorse and brooms. This wooded course, which enjoys the cooling winds of the Atlantic Ocean, reminds you why you like golf so much… but also the experience that awaits you a little later in the evening: a relaxing spa, Landes duck on roast potatoes, and the degustation of a Bordeaux reserve wine. 

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