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A getaway for two to the tropics

Sunshine, beaches, coconuts, mosquito repellent: everything you need to prepare for a perfect getaway for two to the tropics!

Is it a bit nippy where you are? Are you in need of some heat, a few cocktails on the beach and the sound of lapping waves? If so, pack your sunglasses and your swimsuit and fly away with your other half to the tropics. But remember: the word 'tropics' encompasses a huge, varied and (occasionally) wild area of the planet! Prepare to enjoy a perfect tropical holiday: start now by reading our recommendations!

OK, so you’re going to the tropics, but which tropics?

The tropics instantly conjure up an image of gorgeous landscapes, sunshine, white sand, endless coconut trees and plenty of sunbathing. But as we've said, there's no single tropical destination: there are hundreds, encompassing everywhere between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, from South America to South Africa, not forgetting the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and Oceania.
When choosing a destination for your getaway for two, why not try somewhere original? Peter Island, Tanzania, Curaçao... what a dilemma!

What to prioritise on your tropical trip

The tropics are full of surprises, with incredibly varied landscapes and a wide range of unmissable activities. Whatever you want to focus on - sport or culture, relaxing or partying - you can! Choose a destination for your couple's getaway which appeals to you. How about Thailand with its epic full moon parties and electro parties on the beach? Tempted by the idea of exploring the Great Barrier Reef in Australia? Fancy sipping a cocktail in the turquoise waters of the Dominican Republic? Another impossible choice!

What to remember before a tropical holiday

When you think of the tropics, you think of sunshine and relaxation. But don't forget about mosquitoes, sunburn and Montezuma's revenge! Visit your GP and a pharmacy as part of your preparations. You can ask your GP about your chosen destination's risks and common diseases there and make sure that your immunisations are up-to-date before stocking up at the pharmacy on everything you need: mosquito repellent, sun cream, medication for upset stomachs and painkillers! You'll be ready for a getaway for two, come what may!

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