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Surfing in Africa

The best surfing spots on the continent

African Coasts have great waves! From the most famous such as Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa or Safi in Morocco to more confidential beaches, Accor takes you on a surf-trip in Africa. Hop on board, let’s surf!

From North...

In Morocco, Surfing is a hit. The country has discovered its great potential since the 70’s when surfing was invented by a group of youngsters. Around Casablanca and Rabat, everyone has its favorite spot, from the « Bobine » and its wonderful left to the Crique in Bouznika. Head South and make a stop in Safi. The best time of the year is January; wait for the low tide and hold your breath. The wave is extraordinary. After surfing in Safi, if you are lucky, take your car and drive to Essaouira. A few miles away, Imsouane is a favorite of long-boarders. Nicknamed “Magic Bay”, its long wave is ideal for long-boarding. “Cathedral”, on the other side of the village, is stronger and more capricious. On the road again, stop in Taghazout, the surfers’ new favorite destination. Further south, with its 353 miles of coasts, Senegal is yours! In Dakar, try the Pointe des Almadies where the spots of Virage, Yoff, Malika, Ngor, Vivier and Secret offer great surprises to beginners and aficionados alike.
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To South...

Gabon is a great choice for those who wants to take it easy. Guegue, a lazy sand bank, offers nice sensations to beginners. Surfing in Africa and avoiding Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa is just impossible. This point break is ideal for every surfer (expert that is!) where multiple competitions are set. After surfing a barrel in South Africa, those enthusiastic enough can travel to Madagascar. Here, get ready to paddle. Reef spots, dangerous and leaving no place to chance, they are famous worldwide. Fans of beach beark, keep walking! Flame Ball, Jelly Babies, Anakao, Antoleft, Tiforone are great play yards.
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