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Discover 5 cozy places in Warsaw

Interested in sightseeing spots, good food and relaxation? Follow Kasia in Warsaw!

Warsaw is one of the fastest changing cities in Europe, attracting not only business people but also tourists, who wish to find interesting sightseeing spots, good food and relaxation.

Kasia Rutkowiak

Kasia Rutkowiak - My full house

Kasia is a Polish photographer and blogger with a Scandinavian heart. After more than 12 years living in Denmark, she decided to move back to Poland and live in Warsaw. Her interior design and lifestyle blog, inspires thousands of international readers, who are keen on Scandinavian design and culture. As she is a busy mom of three, her spare time is very limited. When she finally finds a free moment, she likes to spend it in a most pleasant way. Kasia loves good food, espresso and fresh flowers.

Nowy Świat

A walk along Nowy Świat and Krakowskie Przedmieście

Many consider Nowy Świat Street to be the loveliest street in the city. It is one of the main historic thoroughfares of Warsaw. It comprises part of the Royal Route that runs from Warsaw's Royal Castle and Old Town all the way to the royal residence at Wilanów. Located in the heart of Warsaw, Nowy Świat is a choice pick for a relaxing walk. If you choose to prolong the walk towards the Krakowskie Przedmieście and Old Town, you will have a chance to see many historical sights.

Veg Deli

Lunch at a small vegan bar

New bars and restaurants open almost every day in Warsaw, and it can be hard (and confusing) to find those which are really worth our time (and money). When I was looking for a good vegan place to eat, my friend recommended Veg Deli. It’s a small, cozy place located at Powiśle (literally “near-the-Vistula”); it serves truly delicious vegan dishes (for the entire family). The menu is rather short but filled with the best stuff and prices are very reasonable.
Veg Deli
ul. Radna 14

Ambasada Urody

Relaxing visit at SPA in Warsaw

Anyone who has ever tried a professional SPA treatment knows how great it can be not only for your body but also for your mind. When in Warsaw, I strongly advice to find a spare moment to visit Ambasada Urody and indulge yourself with one of their rituals.
Located at Wilcza Street, this professional spa, offers wonderful treatments for body and mind. My personal recommendation would be to try the Inkaba Body ritual with special African oils and head-to-toe massage. 
Ambasada Urody
ul. Wilcza 9a

Butchery & Wine

Love what you eat - dinner at Butchery & Wine

Butchery and Wine restaurant surely is one of our top choices for a sumptuous dinner and wine. Premium, dry-seasoned beef, grilled in a special oven at 500°C, guarantees a top culinary experience. And if beef is not your thing, you will find some wonderful fish and seafood dishes, too. And if you—like me—love a good steak, you will not want to leave. 
We love the atmosphere, the staff is always friendly and last, but not least, the amazing chocolate fondant is a perfect ending to a great meal.
Butchery & Wine
ul. Żurawia 22
tel. +48 (22) 502 31 18 (booking recommended)

Latem Bar

Latem bar - best drinks in the beautiful Old Town

After a good long day it’s time for a good long drink. One of my choices for a perfect night in (the old) town would be Latem Bar at Old Town Square. This small and super cozy haunt serves great drinks and (if you happen to get hungry again) tasty homemade food. During the warmer months I encourage you to pick one of the outdoor tables and enjoy the atmosphere of the Old Town. Oh, remember to try the Coyote shots, best with some homemade pâté on the side!
Latem Bar
Rynek Starego Miasta 8
tel. +48 22 635 32 72

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