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Top 10 most unusual places in Amsterdam

Get off the beaten track in Amsterdam with 10 original places to visit

For most people, the capital of the Netherlands is synonymous with canals, tulips, and bicycles. Our top 10 most unusual places in Amsterdam will reveal a whole new side of the city! With its romance and culture-filled walks, festivals and sports events, and (extremely) garlicky cuisine, Amsterdam definitely has more than one trick up its sleeve.

rembrandt house

1. Rembrandt House, a painter’s haven

Together with Vermeer, Rubens, not to mention Van Gogh, Rembrandt is considered one of the geniuses of Dutch painting. But instead of viewing his work in a museum, why not go and see where he used to live? Visit the house where this artistic master lived for around 20 years. And be sure to cast an eye over his many etchings on display there!
Museum Het Rembrandthuis - Jodenbreestraat 4 – Amsterdam

2. De Poezenboot, a house boat for cats

Whoever said that cats don’t like the water? Founded by a cat lover over 50 years ago, the Poezenboot boat takes in abandoned cats and gives them shelter while they await adoption. Every day from 1pm until 3pm (except for Wednesdays and Sundays), you can visit these felines and witness them chillaxing on the canals of Amsterdam.
De Poezenboot - Singel 38.G - Amsterdam. https://depoezenboot.nl/en

3. Get a Dutch style makeover

No doubt that the Dutch excel in painting, but they also have a natural flair for designer ware! Throughout your trip, you will discover galleries, showrooms, boutique shops, as well as hotels displaying the unparalleled savoir-faire of Dutch designers. A word of warning, though - You might just have to change all your furnishings when you get home!
Discover Amsterdam’s design hotspots 

4. Watch the legendary Ajax football team live in action!

Certain cities have a particular obsession with football, and the love affair between Amsterdam locals and the legendary Ajax club is not set to end anytime soon! Seeing the local team play live at the stadium promises an exhilarating evening.
Matches are played at the Johann Cruijff Arena. To get them, take underground trains 50 or 54 and get off at Bijlmer Arena.

5. The other Harlem…15 minutes from Amsterdam

For most of us, Harlem is first and foremost a neighbourhood in the north of New York. But did you know that it actually got its name from Harleem, a suburb in Amsterdam? You’ll be hard-pressed not to fall under the spell of this city and its architectural treasures, dating back to the 13th century.
Take a train for Haarlem at Amsterdam Centraal or Sloterdijk.

6. Amsterdam public library for devouring books

Whether you’re a bookworm, curious tourist or a foodie, you will fall head over heels with the Openbare Bibliotheek. Occupying seven floors, the Amsterdam library is the largest public library in Europe. You can even refuel in the top floor cafeteria with an unobstructed view over the city!
Openbare Bibliotheek - Oosterdokskade 143 – Amsterdam
paradiso amsterdam

7. Paradiso: A reconverted church with a twist

There’s no way this one could not feature on the list of top 10 most unusual places in Amsterdam! Paradiso is a club and music venue housed in an old, 19th century church. Renowned for its programming, it attracts both clubbers and fans of trendy live music. It’s worth a trip both for the beauty of the building and the dancing!
Paradiso - Weteringschans 6-8 – Amsterdam
de drie fleschjes amsterdam

8. De Drie Fleschjes, for Dutch gin tasting

An ancestor of gin, jenever is flavoured with juniper berries and a traditional drink in the Netherlands. If you enjoy spirits, you will be easily won over by the jenever tasting on offer at De Drie Fleschjes. This unique place has been around since 1650. This is the ideal drink to  sip slowly, imagining you’re a rich merchant from the old days enjoying a good time with friends!
De Drie Fleschjes - Gravenstraat 18 - Amsterdam

9. Garlic Queen: the restaurant where garlic reigns supreme!

Depending on your tastebuds, you will either love or hate the main condiment at this restaurant… what’s that? Well, garlic of course! This one ingredient features strongly on the menu at Garlic Queen restaurant. Every dish has garlic, even the entrees and desserts! It may sound crazy but it’s surprisingly delicious. And don’t worry, you can ask for the chef to regulate the garlic intensity to keep your breath in check.
Garlic Queen - Reguliersdwarstraat 27 – Amsterdam
electric ladyland

10. Electric Ladyland, the only museum in the world dedicated to fluo art

Calling all UFOs! In a small basement in the centre of Amsterdam a pair of fluo enthusiasts straight out of the 60s will tell you everything you need to know about the marvellous universe of fluorescence… surrounded by pop art and fluorescent natural stones, be prepared for a truly psychedelic experience.
Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 5 - 1015 TB - Amsterdam
Now that you’ve uncovered all of Amsterdam’s secrets, you’re in for an unmissable treat: a cruise through the city’s canals!
canal amsterdam

Amsterdam from the canals

Treat yourself to a romantic boat ride aboard one of the Stromma vessels. While away an hour admiring the iconic buildings of Amsterdam and UNESCO-classified canals from the comfort of the water. To satisfy your appetite for adventure, take a cruise on a little dinghy: and discover a slightly less known yet terribly endearing side of Amsterdam…
Stromma Cruises. Departs from : Prins Hendrikkade 33a, opposite the central train station. https://www.stromma.nl/fr/amsterdam/

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