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A Guide to Markets in Saigon

Shopping in Ho Chi Minh CIty: 3 Must-Visit Markets

Be it sumptuous food, fragrant spices or silky fabrics, shopping in Ho Chi Minh City’s markets is almost a rite of passage for all visitors.

Saigon’s markets

Want to eat, drink and shop like a local? Crowded and rife with activity, Saigon’s markets each have their own unique character and appeal. Uncover Vietnam’s diverse cuisine, beautiful handicraft and friendly locals as you traverse the top markets in this vibrant city. A must-do experience for every visitor, here are three of Ho Chi Minh City’s top markets.

Ben Thanh Market

Located at the heart of Ho Chin Minh’s bustling District 1, Ben Thanh Market is home to one the busiest markets in Saigon. Open since 1914, this famous landmark offers many photograph opportunities. As you wander through the market’s maze of colourful stalls, you will realise that you can find almost anything here — from food to clothing, accessories, souvenirs and more. A rather touristy attraction, be prepared to put your bargaining skills to good use. If you dread crowds, the best time to visit this market is during the early hours of the day. The Ben Thanh market closes its doors at about 6pm but don’t worry, your shopping need not end yet as the night markets at its East, West and North gates open then. End your evening market exploration on a high note with a glass of ice-cold beer.

Dan Sinh Market

Dan Sinh Market is a prime example of how you should always expect the unexpected when staying in Saigon.
Also known as the “American Market”, Dan Sinh is home to a vast array of Vietnam War memorabilia, attracting thousands of visitors a year who scour the many stalls and shops for rare items. While many of the market’s goods are now replicas rather than originals, they still make cool souvenirs. 
Situated close to Ben Thanh Market, Dan Sinh is the perfect place to lose a few hours — whether you’re an experienced collector or a first-timer. It is open from 7am to 5pm daily.

An Dong Market

If fashion and apparel are the name of your game, then this Saigon market is perfect for you. An Dong Market’s incredible variety of clothes, bags, shoes and handicrafts makes it ideal for anyone looking to haggle — with so many stands competing for your attention, it’s easy to drive down prices if you find something you like.
Don’t let the District 5 location fool you — it’s still easily accessible from almost anywhere in the city, and is open every day from 8am to 2pm.

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