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24-Hour Traveller Guide to Ho Chi Minh City

Experience the dynamic cityscapes of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City - also known as Saigon. A city of old and new, experience Asia like never before from the dynamic cityscapes to the iconic traditional markets.

Sofitel Saigon Plaza

Begin Your Retreat at Sofitel Saigon Plaza

Begin your retreat in one of Saigon’s iconic addresses. The Sofitel Saigon Plaza hotel is a luxury 5-star hotel just steps away from the buzzing city centre, giving you both extravagance and proximity to the city’s best spots. 
Street food for lunch

Street Food for Lunch

Street food in Ho Chi Minh city is known for its atmosphere and ambience. Enjoy a spot of lunch amongst hundreds of street-side eateries that offer sumptuous delicacies that won’t break the bank. Just a short drive away from your Sofitel Saigon Plaza lies a throbbing street food mecca: Tran Khac Chan Street. Enjoy all things local from a bowl of ‘slippery’ bánh canh cua to charcoal-grilled fish and hard clams!
Saigon River Cruise

Saigon River Cruise

Hop on a boat tour round Ho Chi Minh City on the Saigon River. Experience the sights and sounds of the city and get the chance to see the varied lifestyles in this bustling metropolis. From small-group tours to private tours, there’s a ride for everyone. Simply request Accor concierge for more information.
Enjoy afternoon tea at Café Des Beaux-Arts

Enjoy Afternoon Tea at Café Des Beaux-Arts

Quench your thirst and wind down with a spot of afternoon drink at Café Des Beaux-Arts in Hotel des Arts Saigon Mgallery Collection. This chic Indochina-style space offers a wonderful combination of elegance and drink, from traditional Vietnamese coffees to signature cocktails like Rambutan Bramble (a concoction of The Botanist gin, rambutan, lemon and a Chambord float)
A trip to Ho Chi Minh Square

A Trip to Ho Chi Minh Square

Take an evening stroll and go down memory lane at Ho Chi Minh Square and enjoy the magnificent French colonial style buildings. Take in the historic architecture, a state of the art shopping mall and the sights and sounds during dusk.
Wine and Dine at Mezz Restaurant in Sofitel Saigon Plaza

Wine and Dine at Mezz Restaurant in Sofitel Saigon Plaza

End your day with great food! Wine and dine at Mezz, an interactive buffet restaurant. Offering guests a new culinary discovery with international dishes and Asian specialities and a fine touch of French delights. Ease into the artistic and elegant décor and remember to whip out your phone for some great food shots!

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