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World Architecture Day

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”- Winston Churchill

Join us this World Architecture Day as we take you on a tour around Asia Pacific to discover inspiring architecture that shapes Accor and the guests we welcome.

Novotel Singapore on Stevens and Mercure Singapore on Stevens

From an aerial view, the two hotels converge to form the Chinese character 人 which means people, representing the humanity found within the hospitality sector. Take a closer look and you can find the little organic glass pods designed to look like pebbles sprinkled over a lawn, interacting with lush greenery around the garden city of Singapore. 
Put together, the architecture symbolises the connectedness between man and nature, providing a reminder that we need to be aware of the effects they have on each other. The brilliant design of these properties was awarded Gold in the 2018 Melbourne Design Awards for its creativity and the unique story it tells.
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Mercure Singapore on Stevens 
Novotel Singapore on Stevens Hotel

Fairmont Jaipur

Have you ever dreamt of living the royal life? Well, now you can make that dream come true at Fairmont Jaipur. 
This magnificent hotel oozes regal charm and grandeur, with its architectural design and interiors inspired by the Mughal dynasty and royal Rajputs of Rajasthan. Nestled amongst the hills of Aravalli, the property is equipped with the best amenities to present guests with a service and comfort fit for royals. 
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Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hills

Transport yourself to paradise located on top of Bana Mountain. Just a 30-minute drive from Da Nang city, this place was built to resemble a 19th century French village in honour of Pigneau de Behaine, a French missionary who aided Nguyen Anh in becoming the emperor of Vietnam in 1802.
Complete with breathtaking sightseeing places and natural wonders, this property can only be reached via the world’s highest and longest cable car, earning the nickname ‘Elysium’ for itself.
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Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon - Associated with Accor

Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon provides guests with a glimpse into the Korean way of living. From an aerial view, its architecture blends in with the skyline of Songdo Central Park, with tiled roofs and antique finished wooden pillars that convey the beauty of traditional Korean architecture. 
Inspired by the Goryeo and Joseon periods, the hotel is built with the concept of ‘Taking a step into the past of the Korean peninsula’ in mind. 
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Amarterra Villas Bali Nusa Dua – MGallery

The name of Amarterra comes from ‘Amarta’ which means water and ‘Terra’ which means earth. True to its name, Amarterra Villas Bali Nusa Dua is the perfect combination of these two elements, resulting in a resort with a distinguishing concept.
The villas’ architecture draws inspiration from the environment and everyday life of traditional Balinese village, as well as the 13th century Majapahit Kingdom when Javanese culture had a strong influence in Bali. A stay at Amarterra Villas Bali Nusa Dua is a moment to experience both spiritual balance and harmony of life, surrounded by Bali’s enchanting nature and white sandy beaches. 
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