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Celebration of Life

Travel is amazing for a plethora of reasons: to learn about others, to increase your intercultural awareness, to eat great food, and to experience new ways of being in the world, to name a few. Seeing that January is Celebration of Life Month, here are three ways to celebrate life by travelling to these few features taking place this month.

Century of Light: Rare Masterpieces from Monet. Renoir.

Singapore - Century of Light: Rare Masterpieces from Monet. Renoir.

This is for the arts enthusiasts. If the following names sound familiar to you, you are going to be in total bliss as Singapore celebrates the life of these highly revered French artists: Cézanne, Renoir and Monet.

Consisting of two parts, the exhibition offers visitors the rare opportunity to see masterpieces from leading European and American museums that have not been shown in the region before, along with major paintings from South-east Asian collections

Exhibition runs from now till 11 March 2018.

Bangkok, Thailand - Street Food Markets

According to Lonely Planet, Bangkok tops the world as the best city to travel if you are a foodie, and it is not hard to tell why.

From the usual skewers to salted-crusted grilled fish, Khanom Buang (thin crispy folded crepes tucked with sweet or savoury shredded coconut), Tue Huan (Pig Innards Soup) to Ob Woon Sen (Baked Vermicelli Noodles with seafood), Bangkok is truly paradise for foodies.

Cebu, Philippines - Island Hopping / Diving

White sands. Crystal clear water. Majestic underwater creatures. Cebu is known to many as a beach town offering these and more!

Why not start your 2018 by exploring a different world that resides solely underwater? Swim alongside wonderful creatures such as coral reefs, whale sharks, and seahorses for an adventure you’ll never forget.

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