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According to our quiz, you are...

a Life Juggler!
You are always switched “on”, multitasking and rarely taking a moment to pause and reset. What you seek is a purposeful, productive pause to disengage and take stock of your health and wellbeing. 
You wish to achieve that mind-body balance; seek a breathing space in solitude; love the idea of being able to pack your day with hikes and exciting outdoor activities; and long to enhance every aspect of your being with a wellness retreat.
If the above description fits you to a tee, then you must take a life-altering journey towards wholesomeness in a fantastic destination with Accor Hotels in the Middle East & Africa!
Enjoy a quiet escape from everyday life in Dubai and make memorable moments going back in time on a vintage Bentley, enjoy a Bedouin breakfast in the midst of glorifying desert, followed by a henna spa treatment. Looking for the ultimate oasis if luxury and relaxation, head to Marrakech to bliss out with a luxury hammam and unwind in your own private pool.

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