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Yasmin Mebar

An Escapist from Dubai

Read on to get inspiring nuggets of travel wisdom from a woman who loves to escape to destinations that give her solitude, space and silence.

1. Do you have a favorite place you love escaping to?

In Dubai, I love escaping to my car and going for long drives with my music on blast or listening to my favorite podcast. Abroad it’s definitely either my best friend’s place in Lebanon or a new destination! I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves the feeling of escaping to the airport to be flown into the unknown.

2. How many trips have you done this year alone?

So far, I’ve done 6 trips this year and I have 3 more planned!

3. What do you do to unplug and recharge on your holiday?

I put on my most comfortable shoes, switch off my 4G, and get lost on foot in whatever city I happen to be in. This is the best way to really connect with the place I am in and you see so much more when you are walking.

4. An indulgent experience you love sharing with your friends?

If I’m in Dubai then I’ll always take my friends to try my favorite dessert from Magnolia Bakery: banana cream pudding! If I’m on holiday then we look for the best local sweets and indulge with no guilt.

5. Three things that you cannot travel without?

a) My phone because that’s where I capture all my memories (travel notes and photos).
b) My travel organizer which holds my passport and all my essentials like my IDs and tickets.
c) My skincare (can’t live without my sunblock!)

6. What are the three things that you look for in a hotel before booking?

a) Comfort – I love a big fluffy bed.
b) Wi-Fi.
c) Location: It needs to be located near public transport or at least easily accessible.

7. Any life-changing travel experience(s)?

The first time I traveled solo changed my life. Traveling solo is a very interesting experience because you’re forced to connect with people you wouldn’t otherwise speak to if you’re with someone or in a group. It’s a very humbling experience when you learn the most basic form of human kindness.

8. A hidden gem that you found in Dubai?

The original Xiao Wei Yang in Deira – I love a good Chinese hotpot restaurant that serves fresh hand-pulled noodles made the right way!

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