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Things to do in Fujairah

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Hike up the Hajar Mountains before sunrise; stroll on the sandy shores of a beach at sunset; camp out in the beautiful wadis; cycle over the best scenic bike trails across the mountains; spend an afternoon fishing, deep-sea diving, or go on a sea adventure of your like – whatever your style, you will find a myriad of fun things to do in Fujairah.

Marvel at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Popularly known as the ‘Grand Mosque of Fujairah’, Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the second largest mosque in the UAE and is a significant landmark in the heart of Fujairah city. With a series of elegant cascading domes framed by minarets dominating the Fujairah skyline, the mosque is akin to the historic Blue Mosque of Istanbul. The mosque is roughly the size of three Football fields and can easily accommodate over 30,000 worshippers. Although the mosque opens regularly only during prayer times, tourists can marvel at the exquisite work from close quarters.

Explore the unspoiled beauty of Masafi

If you are hankering to savour the local sights of the emirate, head to the mountainous village of Masafi. Masafi is a small village tucked into the hills around the Hajar Moutains. The village is famous for its bottled mineral water that is sourced from the natural spring water flowing from the mountains. You can explore the village at your own pace and a visit to the Friday market is like stepping back in time as the village retains much of its old charm. The market is a popular local attraction that is a gregarious gathering place for locals and visitors looking to purchase local fresh produce from farmers, souvenirs, pots, rugs and savour some great local food.

Go diving and coral reef spotting around Snoopy Island

Drop in on Fujairah’s favourite Snoopy Island and take the laidback feels of the Al Aqah beach, one of the finest beaches in Fujairah. Snoopy Island is a rocky outcrop few meters from the sandy beach that is relatively rich in modern coral fauna and colourful marine life giving eager divers plenty of opportunities for underwater exploration. Al Aqah beach, Dibba beach and Khor Fakkan beach are few of the most popular Fujairah beaches in the emirate and the most popular water activities here are snorkelling, deep sea diving, scuba diving, parasailing and kayaking.

Get lost in the scenic wilderness of Wadi Wuraya National Park

Explore the Wadi Wuraya, UAE’s first mountain range that was once home to Bedouins for nearly 2,000 years. The park has now been declared a protected zone by the Emirates Wildlife Society in Association with World Wide Fund for Nature, and is home to rare species of animals such as the Arabian Tahr mountain goat, caracal lynx, Arabian Leopard, spotted eagle, blue-tailed lizard, humpbacked fly and a variety of cavefish indigenous to the wadi, Gerra barreimmiae. Wadi Wuraya is ideal for nature walks.

Look back on the country’s past from the vantage point of Fujairah Fort

A building that is a must-see in Fujairah is the Fujairah Fort, the oldest fort in the UAE. Built back in 1670, the historical Fujairah Fort is the only standing stone building along the coastline of Fujairah and was once used by the military to protect the local community from invaders. The fort was renovated and restored in 2008, as a part of the fort was shelled by the British army in the early 20th century. The building materials used to erect the fort, included rock, gravel and clay amalgamated by a lime-based binder. The fort’s unique physical characteristics of location and vantage point make it a historical and tourist landmark in Fujairah.

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