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Mountain Adventure in Ras Al Khaimah

Explore a side to the UAE you have never seen before

Like so much of the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah is a place that begs to be explored. Exploring the city is great and many beautiful views are accessible from the road, but the mountaintops are magical and open up a whole new world. The highest pinnacles of the mountains in Ras Al Khaimah have preserved the history of the region and offer a dramatic destination to anyone looking for a great mountain adventure. Any passionate hiker will find a number of fascinating ways to discover the natural beauty of the region where there is much to see, feel and hear.

The Jebel Jais Mountain, the tallest mountain of the UAE and a part of the rugged Al Hajar mountain range, provides plenty of opportunities for encounters with its natural rugged terrain, adventurous area, sporting challenges as well as a variety of mountain activities that are a treat to adventurists. Popular mountain activities here include mountain biking, rock climbing, hill walking, abseiling, mountaineering, and hill decent, more popularly known as ‘Wadi Descent’. 

For those who’d like to go a little further off the beaten track and enjoy fantastic views over the mountains from a different viewpoint, The mountains of RAK offer a unique ziplining adventure that takes visitors through a three-course Via Ferrata that forms a part of the Jebel Jais. The Via Ferrata has three individual start and finish points as well as three ziplines of lengths varying from 165 to 985 feet (the longest zipline in the country), racing down the mountain, making it safe and fun for all ages.

Mountain Safari is a highly recommended, playful way to explore the mountaintops. An off-road safari to the mountaintop can be best experienced, either on your own vehicle, a 4WD, a buggy or a jeep that will help you traverse the panoramic paths of the rocky mountain winding through patches of greenery overlooking the desert landscape. Although there are several en route stops to give you plenty of opportunities to take in the views and marvel at the natural elements of the mountains, you must stop at the top of the lookout point for photo viewing and enjoy the tranquil nature of the region. The way down offers twice the excitement with sight of tiny settlement on the mountain and beautiful wadis (gorges), canyons and valleys that invite visitors for some of the best sceneries and picnic stops in the region. Famous for its many picnic and camping spots is Wadi Shah, a good 13km-long downhill trekking track, which offers wonderful views of the Musandam Peninsula. The foothills of the mountains also offer visit ors an ideal camping site with a touch of quasi-wilderness.

Tips for making the most out of your mountain adventure in RAK:

Best time to go – Anytime is a good time to go on a mountain adventure in RAK, ideal time being between October and March. Be sure to check weather conditions with your concierge before your adventure.
Mountaineering & Hiking – Have the right kind of gear ready for your adventure. Be mindful of the sun; pack a good sun block. Remember to pack some snacks, over-the-shoulder hydration packs or fluids to hydrate yourself during the long haul, first aid supplies, clothing as per the weather conditions and a good pair of lightweight, ankle-supporting shoes.

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