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Kinloch Magowan

An Adventure Seeker from Dubai

Read what Kinloch, an avid adventure seeker from the region, has to say about his travel escapades and adventures around the world, and some of his interesting stories that inspire you to do something different on your travels.

1. How did you become an adventure traveller?

I grew up in the countryside and through growing up we always wanted to go further afield, climb higher up that tree or swim the wider part of the river. I guess I’ve carried that into my adult life.

2. How many countries have you visited?

At last count 63. I’m in awe of people who manage to get anywhere near to the visiting every country in the world – it’s quite an achievement: for the visa paperwork alone!

3. Three things that you cannot travel without?

I recently got hold of a mini drone camera. The shots from an aerial vantage point look amazing so now I take it everywhere! A good waterproof sunscreen. And there’s nothing you can’t do in a trusty pair of flip flops

4. What are the three things that you look for in a hotel before booking?

Some flexibility in booking policy: plans change and it’s important to be flexible!
A comfortable lobby/café area that’s suitable for catching up on some work or planning your day of adventuring
Location location location – it’s important to be near the things you want to do or see in a city. I love being able to explore on foot directly from the hotel.

5. Are you a budget traveller, luxury traveller or more in the middle?

I veer from extreme to extreme according to the situation. I’ve couch surfed and believe you often get a great experience from guesthouses and backpacking in remote places; but sometimes you need a bit of luxury and to really indulge. Scandinavia has some great hotels for that. Or it’s worth paying for something really unique like the Skylodge suspended hotel rooms in Peru. When hotels themselves are unique travel experiences you know you have something special.

6. Any life-changing travel experience(s)?

Trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal offered such a variety of environments: climbing through the jungle, desert and finally above the snow line exposures you to so many landscapes. Throughout the local people are so friendly and share with you whatever they have. It’s very humbling.

7. What’s your favourite destination?

I’m a big fan of Asia in general: beautiful remote wildernesses, a huge range of adventure sports up mountains, under on the water, bustling cities and flavoursome food give it the full package.

8. A hidden gem that you found in Dubai?

Only an hour from Dubai, the Hatta mountains offer a vista so completely different to the city that most people don’t believe they are so close. A playground for mountainbikers and hikers, the almost moon-like, Rocky Mountains should find their way onto more visitor’s itineraries. 

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