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It is that time of year again when we are full of New Year resolutions and promises to make sure this year will be the year of change. One of the most popular resolutions in the world is to get fit, or lose weight, especially the extra fluff post-Christmas and New Year’s celebrations! Dubai has plenty of gyms and fitness centre that cater to everyone – from yoga to weight lifting, there’s a gym to suit all. For those of you looking for something different or are not quite sure where to start when it comes to machines in the gym, we bring you a round-up of few out-of-the-ordinary gyms and fitness classes around Dubai.

The Drop Zone at Skydive Dubai

This outdoor California-style sea facing gym is open to all. Unlike the outdoor muscle shores of Venice Beach, which are packed with well-oiled muscle men, our local outlet not only attracts bodybuilders of all sizes but also gymnasts, dancers, runners and just about anyone who would like to have a go. The sea view gym is located on the road leading up to Skydive Dubai and overlooks the spectacular towers of Dubai Marina. The best time to flex those muscles outdoors is first thing in the morning just as the sun is rising. The outdoor grown-up playground is fully equipped with TRX anchor points, monkey bars, climbing ropes, sprint track and even a new kid’s play area. The gym is surrounded by plenty of flat grass area for larger group workout sessions and classes, but don’t forget to carry your own refreshments and towels to keep you going while you work up a sweat.

Learn Martial Arts

Channel your inner Michelle Yeoh or Jackie Chan by taking up a martial arts course in Dubai. Learn Tai Chi, Karate, Kung Fu, Jiu-Jitsu and various other types of full-contact and non-contact combat sport. Martial Arts can be learnt by anyone at any age and offer a mix of mobility techniques combined with body balance and self-empowerment. There are plenty of Martial Arts schools and courses around Dubai – Shaolin Kung Fu teaches Kung Fu and Tai Chi, and has branches in Tecom and Downtown, UFS Gym in Media City offers a full Mix Martial Arts program, Traditional Martial Arts & Fitness in Tecom have Karate, Yoga and Pilates classes.

Aqua Fitness

Love the pool but want to try something new? Well aqua fitness is the all new health craze sweeping over the UAE in recent years. Working out in the water keeps you cool throughout your routine and increases your muscle resistance to make sure you burn more calories, grow stronger and get toned all while providing plenty of buoyancy and cushioning to protect your body. Because the water supports your body weight and keeps you safe from exterior physical injuries, water fitness classes are great for those suffering from back and other joint pains, those recovering from muscle strains and even pregnant women. Check out aqua aerobics and aqua Zumba classes at Dubai Ladies Club, aqua biking at L’Atelier Aquafitness and various aqua fitness classes at Fitness First gyms across the UAE.


This one is definitely a secret workout. Bounce has over 100 connected trampolines and provides a full body workout while you are having fun. Suitable for the whole family or with groups of friends, at Bounce you can free-fall and jump around while playing dodgeball, basketball, wall jumps and even jump into a giant air bag. Key benefits you will gain from free-jumping on trampolines include all round muscle toning, improved balance and coordination, core tightening and a low impact high-intensity cardiovascular workout. Make sure to book your session in advance as weekends and holidays can get busy. The Bounce Fit classes at the venue offer a more organised cardio fitness routine that will really get you working those core muscles. Bounce is located in Al Qouz in Dubai and also has branches in Marina Mall Abu Dhabi and Remal Mall Al Ain.

Aerial Fitness

Shake things up by learning to fly! Pole Fit Dubai is an Aerial Arts Academy in Dubai that will get you flying and swinging in ways you never expected. The aerial silks routine uses long silk drapes that allow you to glide and balance in the air in a variety of poses that toughen up your legs, core muscles, arms and full-body strength. The aerial hoop routine includes a hoop that is suspended from the ceiling and teaches you various levels of acrobatics as you spin, flip and roll while strengthening your core. Wear tight clothing so fabric does not get in your way as you try different poses, and make sure your joints and torso are covered to avoid rubbing harshly against the drapes, poles and hoops. Pole Fit Dubai is located in Dubai Marina and offer plenty of group classes and even private party bookings.

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