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Would you like guaranteed sun on your holiday? Then head to Sardinia. The island's rate of sunshine makes other tourist destinations envious. And on this island, Villasimius is your dream spot – not only for discovering natural beauty and cultural heritage but for lazing on white sands all day too.

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Villasimius lies sixty kilometres east of Cagliari, Sardinia's capital. This coastal town invites visitors to unwind completely. The destination will charm you with its age-old remnants that tell a fascinating tale and its unspoilt, breathtaking landscape.
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What can you do in Villasimius?

Discover tokens of the past

Villasimius stands at a strategic point on Sardinia's coast. Many civilisations have therefore put down roots there over the centuries, including Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Spaniards and Saracens, who all left their mark on this corner of the island. You can even see remnants of prehistoric times at the Domus de Janas di Nottèri, a chamber tomb carved into a coastal hillside. In the town centre, visit the archaeological museum, where you'll learn about Villasimius's fascinating history by walking through a series of subject-specific rooms about the sea, the local region and shipwrecks.

Go for a swim

Sardinia is known for its fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. If that's what you're looking for, Villasimius won't let you down. Dive into a picture-postcard setting – a calm, unspoilt paradise – by spending a day on Capo Carbonara beach, Simius beach or Punta Molentis beach.
Riso beach is another hidden gem. Beyond its beauty, it's a curiosity of nature: its grains of sand – formed by bits of quartz the sea has polished over time – look like they're actually grains of rice, hence the name.
And Porto Giunco beach is famous for its surprising formation. This sandbank faces the sea on one side and, on the other, Nottèri lagoon where flamingos wander.

Admire stunning views

Fortezza Vecchia fort towers south-west of Villasimius's marina, and is only open in peak season. As you head over to it, stop and take in the wonderful view of the port and bay.
For a more challenging circuit, drive up to Monte Minni Minni, a hill thirty minutes away from Villasimius by car. Climbing its 725 metres on foot or by bike, you'll pass defensive towers the Spaniards built to protect themselves from invaders. And you'll also see many nuraghes, the famous conical towers typical of Sardinia that date back to the Bronze Age. Once you've reached the summit, you'll enjoy the spellbinding panoramic vista over the surroundings.
Another splendid viewpoint awaits you at the start of the Capo Carbonara headland.

Explore islands and coves by boat

Or how about getting a new perspective of Sardinia's southern coastline by taking a boat out? Set sail for Isola di Serpentara, a rocky snake-shaped island east of Villasimius.
And south of the Capo Carbonara headland, Isola dei Càvoli awaits you. This unspoilt island is known for its jagged coastline and towering lighthouse. It's also famous for an unusual religious festival that takes place there every year: an impressive boat procession heads out towards an underwater statue of the Virgin Mary – the Madonna del Naufrago – where a Mass is celebrated and floral wreaths are thrown into the sea to ask for protection for sailors.

Enjoy some diving

The local area is just as spellbinding underwater as it is on dry land. So enjoy a unique experience by exploring the seabed of the Capo Carbonara marine nature reserve. You'll find several diving clubs around Nottèri lagoon.

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