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Stockholm is the cultural, political and economic heart of Sweden. Often named "The Venice of the North" thanks to its 14 islands and numerous waterways, the Swedish Capital is one of the most charming destination to visit for a weekend or longer.

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Getting to Stockholm from the UK

Visitors from the UK can travel to Stockholm by plane, train or ferry. Flying is the most convenient way to get to the Swedish capital, home to four airports. From Stockholm Arlanda-Airport, get to the city in just 20 minutes using the high-speed Arlanda Express train. Other airports are connected to Stockholm by frequent coaches and shuttles, which take 30 to 60 minutes.

Gamla stan

Gamla Stan is Stockholm's original city center, boasting beautiful cobbled streets and charming seventeenth and eighteenth-century buildings with colorful facades and rooftops. The area is home to the Royal Palace, medieval Storkyran Cathedral and many New Nordic restaurants. Not to mention plenty of traditional pubs and stylish cocktail bars, perfect for an afternoon or night out. VIsiting Gamla Stan is one of the top things to do in Stockholm. If it's your first time in the city, you'll likely spend much of your time here.

World-class museums and galleries

Stockholm is one of the most important cultural and artistic destinations globally. It should be no surprise that the city is packed with more than 50 excellent museums and galleries.

Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is an impressive maritime museum in Stockholm, located on the leafy island of Djurgården. View the only intact seventeenth-century ship that's ever been salvaged. The mighty Vasa ship sank in Stockholm in 1628 and spent 333 years at the bottom of the sea. Today, it lives in the most-visited museum in Scandanavia. The Vasa Museum, built around this breathtaking vessel, is one of Stockholm's must-see attractions.

Nordic Museum

The Nordic Museum is another of the top things to do in Stockholm. It's also located on the city's Djurgården island, a beautiful area to spend a day or longer. The museum is dedicated to the cultural history of Sweden throughout history. Explore the permanent collection and a changing programme of temporary exhibitions. Objects on display illustrate the everyday lives and accomplishments of the immigrant country; see furniture, clothing, textiles, fine and decorative art and photographs.

Moderna Museet

Moderna Museet is a Swedish state museum of modern and contemporary art, located on the island of Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm. It's home to one of Europe's best modern and contemporary art collections, including significant works by Picasso, Popova, Dalí and Rauschenberg. Explore paintings, sculptures, installations, films and prints by Swedish and international artists from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Unique landscapes

Stockholm is known for its vibrant urban offering, but it's also a city built on beautiful nature. The unique landscapes of Stockholm and the surrounding area make it an excellent destination for adventures.

The world's first National City Park

The Swedish capital is home to the first National City Park in the world. The area covering Ulriksdal, Haga, Brunnsviken and Djurgården includes museums, entertainment, Stockholm University and four royal palaces. This leafy haven is in the city's heart, but its fresh air and green surroundings make it feel a million miles away.

Tyresta National Park

Tyresta National Park is just two kilometres outside Stockholm. This centuries-old forest is an untouched wonder, home to ancient pine trees, lakes and smooth rocks. To explore this park, head to Tyresta village and find the visitor centre. Pick up maps and advice before heading out for some clean, crisp air and nature.

Flatens Nature Reserve

Flaten is Stockholm's most expansive nature reserve, home to the Swedish capital's cleanest lake and popular bathing spot. Head here in summer or winter for wild swimming and beautiful walks in the Swedish countryside. Several elevated vantage points offer stunning views of the reserve and beyond.

Stockholm Palace

It wouldn't be a trip to Stockholm without visiting the famous Royal Palace. It's one of the largest palaces in Europe, the King's official residence and the setting for most of the country's royal receptions. Stockholm Palace is also open to the public year-round. The Baroque palace was designed by architect Nicodemus Tessin. It comprises more than 600 rooms spread over 11 floors. It's also home to three historical museums: the Treasury, the Tre Kronor Museum of the palace's medieval history and Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities. If you're visiting between late April and the end of August, time your trip for mid-afternoon to enjoy Stockholm Palace's Royal Guards Ceremony. Like Buckingham's Changing of the Guard, this charming tradition takes place in the outer courtyard at 12:15 on weekdays and 1:15 on Sundays. It lasts around 40 minutes, a perfect way to wrap up your time at the palace.

An authentic taste of Sweden

If you want to sample some traditional Swedish food and drink, you've come to the right place. Stockholm boasts some of the best Swedish eats in the country. Not to mention many award-winning restaurants, attracting foodies from around the world.

Traditional Swedish food

Traditional Swedish food is available all over Stockholm. Look for pickled herring, a classic that dates back to when pickling was essential for preserving food through cold Swedish winters. Fried herring is a warming alternative, and kroppkakor, a hearty potato dumpling usually filled with pork. Meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce are Swedish classics made famous in the UK by well-known furniture stores. Sample the authentic dish all over Stockholm. Also, look out for falukorv sausage, blood pudding and pea soup. In the mood for something sweet? Pick up a couple of kanelbullar, typical Swedish cinnamon rolls made with soft, chewy cardamom dough. Buttery, sweet and warming, these streetfood favourites are a perfect way to stay fuelled while walking around the city.

The best restaurants in Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the most exciting culinary destinations in Europe, with New Nordic restaurants serving up unique local ingredients in innovative dishes around the city. As well as its emerging national cuisine, Stockholm is home to diverse restaurants inspired by flavours and techniques from around the world. Ekstedt is a Michelin-starred spot with an open fire at its heart, where Nordic cuisine is cooked without gas, electricity or microwaves. Oaxen Krog sits on the leafy Djurgården waterfront, a nautical Nordic restaurant with two Michelin stars. Meatballs for The People is a laid-back restaurant with an entire menu built around meatballs. Frantzén is one of the most celebrated restaurants in Sweden, serving traditional provisions in exciting, ever-changing menus.