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Kangaroo Island is located just across the waters of mainland South Australia and is the third largest island off the coast of Australia. Covering an area of 4,416 square kilometres, this pristine wilderness is a popular destination for travellers visiting Adelaide. With fantastic Kangaroo Island accommodation options, deciding to visit this natural wonderland is a no-brainer. Getting from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island is easy, simply jump on the Kangaroo Island ferry for a comfortable 45 minute trip. There are also flights to Kangaroo Island, a short 30 minute trip from Adelaide Airport and in peak summer season, there are flights leaving Melbourne three times a week. With a reputation as a wilderness haven, Kangaroo Island is home to an abundance of native Australian wildlife and protected species. As an island blessed with mineral-rich waters and favourable geography, Kangaroo Island produces some of the finest gourmet produce, including honey, cheese and of course, seafood. For adventure lovers, why not go on a hike through the wilderness or explore the reefs scuba diving with friends. Feel welcome at our Kangaroo Island hotels. Explore our hotels at Kangaroo Island for your next romantic escape, family getaway or weekend break. Book your Kangaroo Island holiday today and discover the beauty of its rugged landscapes.