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Seven Wonders to Visit in Western Australia

Stoke your wanderlust with this list of must-see locations in vibrant Western Australia.

Here's our list of top 7 locations to visit in Western Australia, sure to spark some ideas for that dream holiday.

Swimming with Whale Shark
Tourism Western Australia

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef, stretching 260km is best described as a marine playground. The turquoise waters are rich with a variety of sea creatures, from colourful fish to majestic humpback whales. The star attraction of these waters however has to be the gentle whale shark, which congregate here in the largest numbers known anywhere on earth.
Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour
Tourism Western Australia


Fremantle is a bustling port town that hums with art, music and culture. Grabbing a coffee is easy, the difficult part is selecting which café, with the abundance of quality eateries available along ‘Cappuccino strip’. Whether you get fish and chips by the harbour or visit a micro-brewery with your mates, this place is a sure bet for a happy holiday.
Parker Point, Rottnest Island
Tourism Western Australia

Rottnest Island

A short ferry ride from Freemantle, Rottnest Island is a car-free slice of paradise in WA. Hiring a bike is the best way to explore the white sandy beaches and secluded coves. Enjoy walking trails, snorkelling and getting to know some of the furry locals. For a more detailed guide on this extraordinary place click here.
Margaret River Winery
Tourism Western Australia

Margaret River

Blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, Margaret River is a must-visit destination due to its cellar doors, easy-going locals and humble approach to showcasing the very best local produce. Margaret River really is a place that celebrates all the elements that make Australia so special.
Kalbarri National Park
Tourism Western Australia


Kalbarri National Park celebrates diverse landscape - from rugged terrain and inland-river gorges, to soaring ocean cliffs. The astounding landscape definitely makes the trip to the Coral Coast worthwhile.
The Kimberley
Tourism Western Australia

The Kimberley

The Kimberley region is abound with special and significant wonders that have to be seen to be believed. It’s a landscape like no other covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometres. Take ‘the Gibb’ for a journey to freshwater swimming holes, impressive gorges and cascading falls. The beauty of this place cannot be overstated.
Ancient Empire Walk trail
Tourism Western Australia

Walpole National Park

Giant trees and untamed wilderness make this place a bucket list destination. Visit the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk with your family and walk beneath the forest canopy, you’ll feel humbled by the imposing trees and breathtaking fauna.
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