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Abidjan must see!

Here is Accor’ inspired travel guide to make the best out of a trip in Abidjan.

Finance capital city and a great spot to enjoy a night out, Abidjan is huge, eclectic and hearty. Exciting, cheerful and fascinating, the city set on the shores of the Ebrié Lagoon has a tropical touch. Get ready to be amazed. Here is list of the unmissable things to do and see in town. Exotic and happy should be how you will describe your trip.

From Cathedral to Mosque

You cannot spend a day in a new town without visiting a major monument? Abidjan has two: St Paul’s Cathedral and it’s out of the ordinary architecture. Discover its anecdotes and symbols. And as a bonus, look at that view. From behind the cathedral, the whole town is laying at your feet. In the Plateau, watch up. In the middle of the skyscrapers symbolizing how dynamic the urban center rises the Great Mosque. Friday prayer is a moving experience.
cathedrale abidjan

Eating out

You are hearty eater, aren’t you? You will be spoiled in Abidjan. Ivorian excellent cuisine is well-known. It always smells good, wherever you are. Spicy and sweet, let yourself be surprised by the taste of food and be delighted! Have a bite cassava and plantain or Attiéké made of cassava pulp, an enchanting trip for your tasting buds.

The good life

Abidjan is serious about a certain « art de vivre » where one enjoys life in spite of .the omnipresent and buzzing business. Have a drink at the Maquis, open-air restaurants. Typical meeting places, Maquis are where the locals enjoy their Bock beer while eating out of a grilled fish plate. Around you, people are laughing and talking to each other from table to table, a definition of conviviality.  

Stack up on African Art

You love shopping original pieces? Introduce yourself to African art. Head to CAVA, the Authentic Artisanal Crafts of Abidjan who has a wide array of typical jewelry and paintings. Be ready to negotiate prices, a beer in hand and a smile on your face, the seller will be pleased.

Take a break

Abidjan is surprising and always buoyant Want to take a break? You have two main options: Banco National Park or the Botanical Garden of Bingerville. Enjoy the silence in the middle of a lush and preserved nature. History amateurs, drive to Grand Bassam, 20 miles from the economic capital. Discover the old nation’s capital, abandoned in 1900, an old colonial town part of the World Heritage… and it has a beautiful beach.

Abidjan like a local

Stroll around town and have a walk in the small streets of Marcory, Koumassi or Cocoy and its market. Most importantly, talk with Abidjan’s inhabitants. Easy-going, funny and kind, they are eager to tell you a secret about their town or to show you around, a key for an exciting trip. Down to earth? Head to the Plateau, the central business district with its skyscrapers, its Presidential Palace and its Musée des Civilisations de Côte d’Ivoire.

Have a memorable night out

Partying and night-life are serious business in Abidjan. Abidjan has a reputation to hold on to. Considered to be the liveliest in Africa, Abidjan has a vibrant nightlife: one can dance on until the end of times. Tempting isn’t it? Head to Rue Princesse is the place to be and symbolizes how festive Abidjan can be. Try to follow the beat. Out of kindness, the locals may even give a dance lesson. Enjoy the time of your life!
abidjan by night

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