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Visit Morocco in the Spring

Follow our guide and discover Morocco...

Missing the sunshine? Morocco with its diverse landscapes, its azure blue seas, its multi-cultural cities is the perfect destination for a spring vacation. Enjoy early sun bathing and discover the Moroccan way to slow-life.

City life

Land in Casablanca, a city both surprising and buzzing. Do not miss its city centre with Accor Magazine its retro look and have a stroll along the sea front. Have a meal in a trendy restaurant and visit the Hassan II Mosque. Get to live at a hundred mile an hour in the economic capital of the country. Quieter, its neighbour, Rabat is an invitation to relaxation. Walk around the city centre where plenty of out of the ordinary places await you. Not to be missed is the Hassan Tower. To end your day, head to one of the beaches nearby to chill.


You love history? Head to El Jadida, a few miles south of Casablanca. Its Portuguese past gives it a special flavour. In the Portuguese city, enjoy a walk through the medina. Relax at the beach: El Jadida sea front is a great destination for farniente. Keep heading down south to Essaouira, mysterious and inspiring. Essaouira is a true oasis for the travellers. With its charming medina, its water sports and golfing, the wind city has plenty to offer.


You cannot imagine being on holidays and not spending some time in the sun? Choose Tangiers and its beautiful beaches. Tangiers is a charming city which reveals its secrets slowly as you walk its streets. The North of Morocco, its shores washed by the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, offers breath-taking views. 
You’d like to surf? Down South, Agadir and its numerous surf spots famous worldwide should make you happy.  Besides its sandy beaches and ideal waves, the shiny city offers to its visitors a lively night life.
plage maroc


Dreaming of discovering the charms of Morocco? Marrakech, its medina, its souks, its designer shops, its palm trees garden and its atmosphere is a must-see. Nestled between the desert and the High Atlas Mountains, the ochre city does not leave anyone indifferent. Fez, in the lands, is a great option to discover the Arab-Muslim culture and architecture. A city of traditions, symbol of the golden age of the Arabs on knowledge, Fes is a true jewel. Discover its monuments, its old town and its craftsmanship.
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