Terms & Conditions ALL/The Bicester Collection.

The Bicester Collection offers have been arranged for the benefit of the ALL members only (“Members”), and are provided by Value Retail Management Limited. (“Value Retail”). The terms and conditions that apply to these offers are:

1.Accrual of Rewards points

Members who, during the Period of Promotion, present their ALL membership card and (where applicable) their invitation together with their receipts for goods, including food and beverages (“Qualifying Purchases”) purchased by the Member at either Bicester Village, La Vallée Village, Las Rozas Village, La Roca Village, Kildare Village, Fidenza Village, Maasmechelen Village, Wertheim Village or Ingolstadt Village (the “Participating Villages” and each a “Participating Village”) shall be entitled to receive 3 ALL Reward points for every (1) euro or (1) pound spent. The amount taken into consideration for the calculation of the number of accumulated ALL points by a Member is the total amount in euros or pounds including VAT paid by the Member.

After checking the ALL membership card and the receipts for Qualifying Purchases, the ALL points will be credited to the Member's account within a maximum of six weeks from the date the Qualifying Purchases were made.

If the Reward points have not been credited on the Member's account after the six weeks, the Member can contact Value Retail by communicating his full name, his membership card number as well as a copy of all the concerning receipts at the following address : <a href="mailto:traveltrade@thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com">traveltrade@thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com</a>

Subject to the terms and conditions found at: <a href="https://www.thebicestercollection.com/en/legal/loyalty-programmes-tcs">https://www.thebicestercollection.com/en/legal/loyalty-programmes-tcs</a>

2.Other advantages

2.1. Shopping Express® Offer

Value Retail offers Classic, Silver and Gold Members a 50% saving on the price of a round trip ticket and a complimentary ticket for Platinum, Diamond and above statuses’ Members with the Shopping Express® coach service. Shopping Express® coach service is subject to availability and the service being in operation.

To benefit from this offer, Members must:

1. visit the respective Village <a href="https://travel.lavalleevillage.com/en/guest-services/chic-travel/shop/shopping-express?_ga=1.217999254.1802137438.1442582683">website</a>

La Vallée Village <a href="https://www.thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/e-commerce/en/lvv/shopping-express">https://www.thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/e-commerce/en/lvv/shopping-express</a>

Maasmechelen Village <a href="https://www.thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/e-commerce/en/mmv/shopping-express" >https://www.thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/e-commerce/en/mmv/shopping-express</a>

Fidenza Village <a href="https://www.thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/e-commerce/fr/mmv/shopping-express">https://www.thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/e-commerce/en/fv/shopping-express</a> and

2. enter their respective promo code when booking Shopping Express® service

Shopping Express® is subject to the terms and conditions found at:- <a href="https://www.thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/benefit-tcs/">https://www.thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/benefit-tcs/</a>

2.2. Hands-free Shopping Service

Value Retail undertakes to offer the Platinum, Diamond status and above statuses’ Members a Hands-free Shopping service. To take advantage of this offer, the Platinum, Diamond status and above statuses’ Members must visit the Tourism Information Centre or Guest Concierge upon arrival at the Village and present their ALL membership card The Hands-free Shopping Service is subject to availability and blackout dates, the terms and conditions found at:- <a href="https://www.thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/benefit-tcs/">https://www.thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/benefit-tcs/</a>

2.3. Access to the Apartment or VIP Lounge

Access is granted to Diamond and above statuses’ members only and is subject to availability. To book access to the Apartment or VIP Lounge Members should contact the Village they intend to visit at least 48 hours in advance using the contact details below and attaching a photograph/scan of their ALL Membership card:

for Bicester Village, email <a href="mailto:PartnerServices@ValueRetail.com">PartnerServices@ValueRetail.com</a>

for Kildare Village, email <a href="mailto:KVConcierge@ValueRetail.com">KVConcierge@ValueRetail.com</a>

for La Vallée Village, email <a href="mailto:TheApartment@LaValleeVillage.com">TheApartment@LaValleeVillage.com</a>

for Wertheim Village, email <a href="mailto:VIP@WertheimVillage.com">VIP@WertheimVillage.com</a>

for Ingolstadt Village, email <a href="mailto:TheApartment@IngolstadtVillage.com">TheApartment@IngolstadtVillage.com</a>

for Maasmechelen Village, email <a href="mailto:PrivateClients@MaasmechelenVillage.com">PrivateClients@MaasmechelenVillage.com</a>

for Fidenza Village, email <a href="mailto:PrivateServices@FidenzaVillage.com">PrivateServices@FidenzaVillage.com</a>

for La Roca Village, email <a href="mailto:Concierge@LaRocaVillage.com">Concierge@LaRocaVillage.com</a>

for Las Rozas Village, email <a href="mailto:Concierge@LasRozasVillage.com">Concierge@LasRozasVillage.com</a>

Access to the Apartment/VIP Lounge is subject to the terms and conditions found at:- <a href="https://www.thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/benefit-tcs/">https://www.thebicestervillageshoppingcollection.com/benefit-tcs/</a>


These offers are only available at Participating Villages.

The Reward points collected by the Member cannot be exchanged for cash.

The Bicester Collection will not be liable to the Member for any financial loss arising out of refusal, cancellation or withdrawal of the promotional offer, or any failure or inability of the Customer to take advantage of this promotional offer.

Members acknowledge that The Bicester Collection will need to collect and process the Members’ personal data (which may include their name, membership number (or a part thereof), transactional spend, place of residence, gender, date of birth, email address, land and/or mobile numbers and other contact details as may be required by The Bicester Collection or by their partners or the participating boutiques) to enable these promotional offers to be redeemed for the benefit of the Member.

The use of these offers indicates Members agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions, and their acceptance of The Bicester Collection privacy policy found at TheBicesterVillageShoppingCollection.com/en/legal/privacy-policy/ and Accor’s privacy policy and terms and conditions found at and <a href="https://all.accor.com/fr/security-certificate/index.shtml">https://all.accor.com/fr/security-certificate/index.shtml</a>

The Bicester Collection reserves the right to refuse to award any Reward Points in cases of actual or suspected fraud.

The provider of these promotional offers is The Bicester Collection, whose registered address is: Management Suite, Bicester Village, 50 Pingle Drive, Bicester, Oxfordshire,OX26 6WD, United Kingdom.