Terms and Conditions of Booking Vehicles with Europcar for ALL Loyalty Members

1.The distribution channels available for ALL members to reserve vehicles are:

Europcar agencies in 160 countries

Europcar websites

the Europcar Call Center

Accor and associated Accor hotel brand websites

2. Earning Reward points and other benefits

2.1. Earning Reward points

ALL members can earn 3 Reward points per euro spent and up to 20% of discuount for any vehicle rental at eligible rates in the network of participating Europcar agencies in 160 countries.

For crediting Reward points related to a rental, the ALL card number must be given when the vehicle is booked, and the ALL card must be presented to the agency when picking up the vehicle.

The ALL card must be valid and the name on the ALL card must match the name of the main driver on the rental contract.

The following are not considered to be eligible rates for crediting Reward points:

rentals of chauffeur-driven vehicles

Company rates

Partner rates

rates for Europcar employees or partner employees

"Tour Operator" vouchers

rentals provided by insurance companies

free rentals

van rentals

promotional offers

"Auto Liberté" rates in France

rentals for periods of over twenty five (25) days

replacement vehicles

It is not possible to make more than one booking with the same date and/or place of rental with the same main driver.

2.2. Rate benefits

ALL Members can enjoy a 15% discount on the aforementioned eligible international rates on a wide range of vehicles in over 150 countries. Discount depends on the country and rental duration.

Europcar international rates include collision damage waiver (CDW) (except non-buyback deductible), theft waiver (TW) (except non-buyback deductible), taxes and unlimited mileage (may be limited to 250 km [155.34 miles] per day in France

3.Using Reward points for rental bookings

Members of ALL can use their Reward points to book a rental vehicle on the mini-site "DriveMyPoints", accessible solely via the ALL website (https://all.accor.com/loyalty-program/reasonstojoin/index.en.shtml). On this platform, members of ALL can:

make a booking;

cancel a booking.

The Terms & Conditions of the "DriveMyPoints" website apply.

If members have any queries regarding the use of their Reward points or would like to make a claim subsequent to using their points on the "DriveMyPoints" mini-site, they should use the appropriate claim form found in the "Help" section of the all.accor.com website. For any queries regarding the operation of the "DriveMyPoints" website, members should contact Europcar directly.

3.1. Booking

When booking a rental vehicle, members of ALL will be asked to provide their ALL membership number on the "DriveMyPoints" mini-site. The rental can be paid for:

entirely with Reward points,

using a combination of Reward points and cash.

The conversion scale is: 2,000 Reward points = 20 Euros

The number of Reward points displayed for each vehicle corresponds to the maximum number of Reward points the ALL member can use to rent the vehicle in question:

the minimum being 2,000 Reward points;

the maximum being the total number of Reward points available in the member's account at the time of making the booking.

The number of Reward points used to pay for the rental is debited from the member's ALL account as soon as the booking has been confirmed.

If the ALL member opts to settle a portion of the rental charge in cash, the payment must be made on-site when collecting the rental vehicle.

3.2. Cancellation

ALL members can cancel bookings made on the co-branded Europcar and ALL website, "DriveMyPoints", via the website itself.

In the event of a cancellation, the Reward points are recredited to the member's ALL account in accordance with the terms and conditions of the "DriveMyPoints" mini-site.

4.Complaints with partners

4.1. Earning Reward points

If a member finds that their Reward points have not been credited within a maximum of six weeks following car rental from a participating Europcar agency, they may make a complaint by completing the complaint form available on the all.accor.com website, providing an explaination of their complaint and attaching any supporting evidence, within six months following return of the vehicle. For the member to be credited with the Reward points, the invoice corresponding to the complaint must be in the name of the Le Club Accor card holder.