Dining & Spa Rewards

Treat yourself at restaurants, bars and spas in our hotels with 10 rewards at 10 EUR each.

Starting from Diamond status


How does it work?

How do I obtain rewards?
You will receive 10 rewards once a year, all together, as soon as you reach 26 000 Status points. View my rewards
How do I use them?
  • Your bill at the hotel restaurant or bar.
  • Treatments or products from the hotel spa.
Rewards are valid until December 31 of the following year.
If you are staying at the hotel, you may redeem the rewards at reception.
  1. At the end of your stay, inform the receptionist that you wish to redeem your rewards.
  2. Present your loyalty card.
  3. After verification, the receptionist will deduct the reward amount from your invoice.
Where can I use the rewards?
Throughout hotels participating in the ALL programme with a restaurant, bar or spa. Ask at the hotel reception.

Participating hotels



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