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Keistimewaan hotel

  • Shopping square on one side

  • Hotel located on the highway exit towards Queretaro.

  • Free WiFi

  • Snacks 24 hours

  • PET-FRIENDLY: Pet-friendly hotel! Pets up to 33 lbs. allowed

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Lokasi hotel

ibis Mexico Perinorte

Hacienda Sierra Vieja 2, Centro Comercial Perinorte, Colonia Hacienda del Parque
54769 Cuautitlan Izcalli

GPS:19.600389, -99.190719

Akses dan Transportasi

Layanan hotel

Check-in dari - Check out sampai

Di properti
  • Parkir
  • Restoran
  • Dapat diakses kursi roda
  • Wi-Fi
  • Air conditioner
  • Sarapan
  • Bar
  • Ruang rapat
  • Properti 100% Bebas Rokok
  • Room service


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Ulasan tamu kami

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Peringkat ALL  4.2/5  400 ulasan

Peringkat TripAdvisor  3.5/5  259 ulasan

Far from everything but friendly staff

Catatan Tripadvisor 3.0/5

DRLuxury Solo travel - Ulasan TripAdvisor tersertifikasi

Stayed there right now for half a day since I wanted to catch a morning flight at Aifa airport. Very difficult to get to the hotel and even a worse idea to catch a taxi to the new airport from this one. The place itself is 20 years old and in real need of renovation. Staff was very polite and satisfactory unfortunately the location isn’t good as there is no infrastructure nearby. It’s expensive to get there and even worse to leave from there unless you got a car.The rooms are standard ibis but without even a safety box or a fridge. Only one outlet which was not even fixed to the wall. No coffee maker or kettle provided either. I think there is free coffee at the reception though. I wouldn’t return but for the right price it’s an option. Just don’t try to use this place in order to be nearer to Aifa airport. A taxi from the ibis will be like 40$ . Not worth it .

There are better options in Mexico City

Catatan Tripadvisor 2.0/5

Traveller2920 Friends getaway - Ulasan TripAdvisor tersertifikasi

I don’t know where to start. I start with Pros: staff are friendly and helpful. Cons: Omg loud music. Is this a hotel or a club, every night loud music till late, some DJ playing downstairs in lobby and sounds come all the way to whatever floor your room is. Poor breakfast, no decent fruits, eggs taste old. They only have Toast , butter , jam , coffee, tea, that is good to eat, just the basic. Also they have authentic/local breakfast. Weird shower from ceiling, it’s not a shower hose you can hold, so if you don’t want your hair get wet good luck bec water is pouring from ceiling and goes to entire bathroom floor wet and your hair gets all wet. Only big towels in bathroom, no small towels for face which is odd, never been in a hotel with no small towels. Not much hangers anywhere for towels in showers. Probably only one, if there is any! Rooms are small, hardly fits two people. I didn’t know where to put my small carry on for my cloths and how to share the spice. Their room is good for one person, not two.

It gets the job done, but...

Catatan Tripadvisor 3.0/5

shuga1098 Bisnis - Ulasan TripAdvisor tersertifikasi

We were here on business for a week, and a colleague of ours chose this hotel. The hotel itself is fairly nice and is very clean. The beds are very small. Again, not my choice, so that's fine. When we checked in, the lady at the front desk was very confusing and asked us if we wanted to open a voucher. I asked if we could just pay at the end, like we do with every other hotel we've stayed at, she said No. (I hate complaining here, because she was very nice, but this did not make sense to me) She said we could pay per night, or pay for the whole week upfront. I wasn't sure if I would be able to stay the whole week (possible family emergency at home), so we opted to pay nightly and paid for just the first night. THEN she explained we could open a voucher for the rest of the week to include the room cost plus "extras" and pay at the end. So... we opened a voucher for the remainder of the week. (we'll get back to this later). My co-worker and I went to our rooms. They were HOT. We put our key cards into the slot by the door to turn on the air and lights--but the temperature didn't change. If anything, it got warmer despite the little snowflake on the thermostat. We went downstairs to ask if something can be done with the heat, another lady there said it was probably off already (we had no idea what that meant) and that they control the temperature from the front desk. OK then. We opted to eat at the restaurant because we were tired from the travel and didn't have a car to go exploring. NOT a good idea. They had a nice looking option for 1-choose your meat, 2-choose a sauce, 3-choose a side. DO NOT DO THIS! I think very few people eat dinner there, so the little steak we had was sooo tough from probably being in the freezer for way too long. The chimichurri sauce was (we think) oil with rosemary. The rice was good. Luckily, we asked for an additional side, so we had vegetables too which were also good. Back to our room, my co-worker has delicious cool air. I have none, but at least the temperature has dropped down slightly. Did I mention he's right across the hall from me? Not sure why the air would be so different with our rooms so close to each other. The bathrooms were clean but did not have tissue/Kleenex or smaller towels for face and hand, only giant bath towels. There was also a dispenser for hand soap by the sink and a shampoo/body wash dispenser in the shower. Not sure how to use body wash without a small towel, but luckily I had bar soap with me. We did have very good breakfasts and they had a nice coffee/espresso/cappuccino maker as well. I think they are used to a lot of visitors there for business (we did see a lot during the week) so they are better with breakfasts than dinner. Another colleague who was familiar with the area met up with us that next day. She herself hadn't stayed at Hotel Ibis before, but chose it because it was VERY conveniently located to the mall. It's directly next to the hotel, and there's even a supermarket inside! We did go to the supermarket a few times and EVERY NIGHT we were there, we ate in the mall food court. No kidding, Sushi Roll was a life-saver...EVERY NIGHT! There was a good variety of food there where you could eat several nights in a row and not get bored. There is also a restaurant, Casa de Tono, in the mall which has great Mexican food. After our first full day of work, we went back to our rooms (before we discovered the mall) and we were locked out. Key cards did not work. We went to the front desk and spoke to the same lady that checked us in that we had opened a voucher for the rest of the week, so she reactivated our cards. The only other issue we had was that we couldn't add extras to our room bill. We wanted to buy bottles of water, but the same first lady who checked us in and told us to open a voucher for the rest of the week said NO, and that we only opened a voucher for the room and not for extras. Luckily, that other colleague of ours was able to put it on her room bill. Oh wait, I almost forgot. The last night we were there, the rooms were suddenly warm again. We went to the front desk and it's that same nice, but confused lady. She had to ask someone (We think she did, anyway. She went into the little office for a few minutes, not sure if she called someone or spoke to someone in person) what to do, then she told us to press a button because the air was off. We told her that a few days prior a different lady told us that the air was controlled from the front desk, but she just told us to press the button and see what that does. Well, it didn't work but it was our last night there anyway. It wasn't the worst, but there were a lot of things that could've been done differently. If I had to stay there again, I would, though not for the hotel itself but for the convenience of having the mall next door.

Business visit to Mexico Perinorte Nueva Fanal Plant.

Catatan Tripadvisor 2.0/5

franklinbarrios Bisnis - Ulasan TripAdvisor tersertifikasi

Very poor welcoming at the front desk. Noisy room. Poor water sealing in the shower, all the water goes out of the shower to the entire bathroom area. Shower water pressure goes up and down and in occasions the water just shuts off for a moment and you have to wait until it comes back again. Horrible stay. I just wanted to finish my assignment as soon as possible.

Never Again

Catatan Tripadvisor 1.0/5

shajaira Keluarga - Ulasan TripAdvisor tersertifikasi

Update: I wrote the review below in a separate post, but then the manager responded with a lie. So I'm submitting this second review with this update because TripAdvisor does not allow me to update the initial post. It is unacceptable for a manager to lie about what happened in response to my truthful complaint about how rude and unprofessional the manager and 2 of her workers were. It is unethical, irresponsible, and unprofessional to make up a story about my husband being drunk and making a lot of noise. We didn't drink at the hotel. We didn't mingle there. We only slept there for 2 nights and experienced the worst customer service ever. This lying and unprofessional manager should be fired. Here's my initial review: Overall the quality of the hotel reflects the price you pay for the rooms. I agree with others that say that the rooms and beds are small, but you have to take into account the price paid for the room. I also agree that the location, although close to major highways, is terribly inconvenient for parking. However, this hotel earned a one star review from me because they provided the worst customer service I have experienced from a hotel in my life--and I'm not exaggerating. If you read their website and the fliers in the rooms, you would see that the hotel claims to live by a customer satisfaction process of "if we don't resolve your issue in 15 minutes, it's free!" Well, I didn't need anything specifically other than courteous service, and that should be free regardless, but I didn't get it. A night-shift attendant, Josue Yamin, was rude to my husband and me on two separate occasions. The manager, Ivonne Sanchez, was rude to my husband and me, on two separate occasions--even telling my husband, "Well, you're going to have to get used to the type of service we offer in Mexico." That was in response to him saying that he is used to good customer service. Then Isaac Aaron, another front desk attendant, refused to provide me with my hotel confirmation number over the phone telling me that he didn't have access to it, and that I should. I explained to him that the only reservation confirmation number I have was the one that Hotels.com provided me with and it's different from the one that Ibis uses with their management company, Accor. I told him that I needed it in order to place a formal complaint for the service I received, and he hung up on me. Needless to say, I would not be returning to this hotel and I don't recommend that anyone else does. If you do, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. I don't pay to receive rude service. I can take my money elsewhere, and I did because I received a 100% refund for the 4 nights I paid, 2 of which we didn't stay. Oh, and the refund was no thanks to the hotel or manager Ivonne. They claimed to have given me a refund and provided me with an HSBC receipt that showed that 3,626 pesos were refunded to my credit card, but weeks later my bank told me that the hotel didn't fully process that refund so it never showed up in my account. Thankfully, my bank opened an investigation on the transaction and provided me with the refund either way. Maybe the hotel as a whole is acceptable based on they rate they charge, but the customer service is not.

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