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فندق Novotel Paris 13 Porte d'Italie 4 نجوم

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Novotel Paris 13 Porte d'Italie
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خدمات الفندق الإضافية

  • Metro and tram 656 yards (600 m) away

  • Direct access to the center of Paris and Orly Airport

  • Easy access by car, paying, covered private car park

  • Contemporary modular rooms with free WiFi

  • Three meeting rooms with natural light, bar and restaurant

يشارك هذا الفندق في برنامج Planet 21 ويعمل لصالح الضيافة المستدامة Positive Hospitality.

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تسجيل الوصول من 14h00

تسجيل المغادرة حتى 12h00


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موقع الفندق

Novotel Paris 13 Porte d'Italie

22 rue Voltaire
94270 le kremlin bicetre

الهاتف: +33145211909

الفاكس: (+33)1/45211260

تسجيل الوصول من 14h00

تسجيل المغادرة حتى 12h00


  • Roger Salengro - Fontainebleau :  47 Roger Salengro - Fontainebleau

  • Verdun - Chateaudun :  183 Verdun - Chateaudun

  • PORTE D'ITALIE :  7 PORTE D'Italie


  • PORTE D'ITALIE :  3 PORTE D'Italie

  • بالطائرة

    CHARLES DE GAULLE عند 25كم / 15.54 ميل

  • بالطائرة

    PARIS ORLY عند 8كم / 4.97 ميل

  • بالسيارة

    A6B PTE D'ITALIE عند 0.1كم / 0.06 ميل

  • بالسيارة

    PORTE D'ITALIE عند 0.1كم / 0.06 ميل

  • بالقطار

    PARIS GARE DE LYON عند 3.5كم / 2.17 ميل

  • بالقطار

    PORTE D'ITALIE - 7 عند 0.5كم / 0.31 ميل

نظام تحديد المواقع العالمي (GPS):48.816057, 2.364374

الإقامات المتوفرة لدينا

With their contemporary and completely modular design, Novotel's spacious rooms are true living areas and can be adapted to suit all requirements. Our rooms have a shower and bathtub with separate WC. Free WIFI. Discover our Executive rooms with wellness kit with bathrobes and slippers, Nespresso coffee machine and complimentary minibar to ensure your comfort.

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نوع المطبخ: بيسترو

Dine how you want, when you want. Enjoy simple, tasty, healthy and balanced cuisine. Take a moment to relax in the restaurant or in your room.

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  • السبت مغلق
  • الأحد مغلق


An open-plan space that is ideal for relaxing in a warm and friendly environment. For a business meeting or a drink with friends, everything comes together in a perfect moment. Enjoy your break...

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  • عدد غرف الاجتماعات: 3

  • أقصى حجم: 115 مترًا مربّعًا

  • قدرة الاستيعاب القصوى: 130 أشخاص

  • قدرة الاستيعاب القصوى للمأدبة: 50 أشخاص

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Novotel Paris 13 Porte d'Italie‎

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رأي ALL 3.8/5

2,409 أراء


تقييم TripAdvisor 3.5/5

809 أراء

Nice hotel on sides of hustle and bustle

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 5.0/5

rkkathuria Family - 26/12/2019 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

Stayed in this hotel with family to visit Paris. Unfortunately there was strike and most of public transport was closed during this time. However staff was very helpful to guide how to get our ways. We had good time despite this but of destruction

Cher Rkkathuriat, Mes équipes et moi-même vous remercions sincèrement pour votre commentaire chaleureux suite à votre séjour. Votre satisfaction fait plaisir à lire et elle est notre plus belle récompense au regard de l'attention que nous portons à nos clients. Nous espérons pouvoir vous accueillir de nouveau très prochainement.

Novotel in Paris

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 3.0/5

rideforfun504 Business - 23/10/2019 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

A good Novotel, a bit out of downtown but metro station is at 5 minutes walk, and tram brings you directly in front of Exhibition center in Porte de Versailles. Breakfast at good Novotel standard, clean rooms. The gym room is small, but it's there , in case you find nothing to do in Paris.

Cher rideforfun504, Je tiens à vous remercier d’avoir choisi notre hôtel lors de votre séjour en famille et d’avoir partagé vos impressions sur Tripadvisor. Notre ambition est de vous fournir la meilleure prestation sur le plan rapport-qualité prix. Vous soulignez avoir apprécié notre petit déjeuner, je transmettrai à toute l'équipe restaurant vos impressions ce qui les comblera. Le service et l’attention du cœur sont la base de notre métier, et nous faisons de notre mieux pour vous offrir une excellente prestation. J’espère que nous aurons le plaisir de vous accueillir à nouveau très bientôt.

Paris stay

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 2.0/5

Escape41687663654 Family - 07/07/2019 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

The receptionist was incompetent. Asked me to pay my bill despite thenfactbthat I had paid online already and upon my insistence, he check and then said yes u don't need to pay, without being apologetic. We check in late and there was no water in the room, the receptionist clearly said that he does not have any water to drink n can't do anything about it. No shampoo in the washroom. Double bed was actually 2 single beds placed close. We stayed a day before in Novotel near Orly airport and their was a massive difference between their staff/management/politness/hospitality, it's just that this hotel was near the main city competitively n we moved.

Cher Escape41687663654, Tout d'abord merci pour avoir pris le temps de déposer votre avis suite à votre séjour dans notre hôtel. Je regrette sincèrement les faits qui ont en partie perturbé votre séjour et je vous prie d'accepter mes excuses. Vos commentaires ont retenus toute mon attention et je peux vous assurer que nous mettons tout en œuvre afin d'améliorer notre service. J'espère que ces désagréments n’entameront en rien la confiance que vous avez en Novotel.

Service could have been better

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 2.0/5

FarAway10872876947 Couples - 17/06/2019 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

Service could have been better as we had no warm water in the shower, only something between cold and warm. We did ask for intervention both mornings and were told this would be solved, but each evening we noticed under the shower that nothing had been solved. We especially disliked the lack of commitment about this matter, we got no excuses. A technical problem can happen, but please solve the problems or inform customers when it is not yet solved.

Cher Voyageur, Tout d'abord merci pour avoir pris le temps de déposer votre avis suite à votre séjour dans notre hôtel. Je regrette sincèrement les faits qui ont en partie perturbé votre séjour et je vous prie d'accepter mes excuses. Vos commentaires ont retenus toute mon attention et je peux vous assurer que nous mettons tout en œuvre afin d'améliorer notre service. J'espère que ces désagréments n’entameront en rien la confiance que vous avez en Novotel.

Standard Novotel with poor breakfast

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 3.0/5

Journey26520807527 Business - 17/12/2018 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

This Novotel is reachable by car as well with own parking-house, direct at peripheric ring in Paris. Several restaurant near by.Breakfast was poor: bad coffee, baguette was out and I have to wait nearly 10mins, refill of differnt dishes needs to long time.My room was to warm at my arrival and there was no chance to cool it down for the night. Air-con could only heat, no chance to open the window.

Bonjour Journey26520807527 et merci pour votre commentaire, J'espère que nous aurons de nouveau le plaisir de vous accueillir chez nous !

Very good

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 4.0/5

cosmetic232 Family - 03/08/2018 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

Every things was good during my stay in this hotel, such as location where closed near to metro station, port de italie, the staff also were helpful and kindness, room was cleaned, but little bit noisy

Merci beaucoup Cosmetic232 pour votre commentaire !

Nice Hotel

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 5.0/5

kyriazis2018 Family - 15/07/2018 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

The hotel was nice. The room was clean. Breakfast was very good. The location is by the exterior ring road of Paris, but despite the increased traffic, there was absolutely no problem with noise. We are a family of 4 persons. The room had a double bed and a sofa that opened and became another double bed (with a very good matress). The Neighborhood is OK. Not very close to the metro station (600m-700m walk) but we felt safe walking that route at every hour.

Cher Kyriazis2018, Merci pour cet avis qui reflète votre satisfaction complète lors de votre dernier séjour en Famille et c'est très agréable de savoir que nous avons rempli notre mission d'hôtelier. Vous avez apprécié l'ensemble de votre séjour, nos services et nos équipes et vous l'avez exprimé clairement. Je ne manquerai pas de communiquer votre commentaire à l'ensemble de mes équipes. Nous restons à votre disposition pour un prochain séjour au Novotel Paris 13 Porte d'Italie Respectueusement.

Great place to stay for CEP Marathon

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 4.0/5

jennysgriffin Family - 08/02/2018 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

The walk is a short distance to Halle Carpentier. The breakfast was quite good. If you're there for the tournament, the favorite breakfast items can go quickly. The beds were very comfortable, rooms are quite small.

Merci beaucoup jennysgriffin pour votre commentaire ! A l'année prochaine pour un nouveau Marathon du Fleuret !


ملاحظة Tripadvisor 3.0/5

Roger R Business - 11/12/2017 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

This was not my first experience in this hotel. Former experiences were excellent. It was just fine this time, not impressive, 2 of the 3 nights I have spent there were charged excessively, particularly for a standard room and I had a big problem with wifi connection, for which they apologise, but it did not solve the problem,

Bonjour Roger R et merci pour votre commentaire, Nous avons bien noté les difficultés que vous avez rencontrés avec le wifi. Nous travaillons actuellement à une nouvelle solution, qui nous espérons répondra aux nouvelles attentes de nos clients en terme de connectivité. Au plaisir de vous accueillir de nouveau chez nous !

Very good hotel

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 4.0/5

anonymousN9158FZ Business - 28/11/2016 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

The hotel is very good if you are on business trip and the office you need to reach is in the area. As a tourist, it is a bit far from the city centre, but still quite accessible by metro. Good location for having access to a variety of shops - lots of Asian shops and restaurants on one side and a big shopping centre with supermarket included, on the other.

Dear Customer, I want to thank you for having chosen our hotel for a stay and for sharing your impressions on Tripadvisor. I am delighted to read that you enjoyed your stay with us. I forward your message to all of my team. Your encouragement will help us to continue our efforts to provide to our guests a high nivel of quality service. I hope we have the pleasure to welcome you again very soon.

Very Dissatisfied

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 2.0/5

Trevor N Family - 12/10/2016 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

Room 716 , no shower screen unable to have shower,plug in sink not working,fridge not working,on arrival no coffee,tea or cups, on second day room door was left open by cleaners with lock on so anybody could enter room, last night only one bath towel,morning of departure woken at 9.00 am by cleaners asking if room needed servicing.!! Room 429 second day not serviced no clean towels. Both room keys didnt work every day. complimentary drink at bar(silver member accor group)beer,water or juice, no wine or spirits. On day of departure the receptionist said i would recieve refund of £200.00 pounds actually got 200 points worth 4 euros. After phoning the hotel the manager gave me 4000 points which i believe is still not adequate compensation.

Dear Customer, Thank you for taking the time to write a review regarding your stay at our hotel. Your comments have my full attention and please accept my apologies about the inconvenience you are reporting. Your comments, including early wake up, have been a focus to the teams and I can assure you that we strive to improve our service. Again thank you for your feedback, and hope to have the opportunity to welcome you back to Novotel Paris Porte d'Italie.

Nice one

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 5.0/5

moore555 Family - 01/09/2015 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

The hotel met some of our needs during our stay. However, there is no provision for vegetarian and the internet WiFi is not in good condition through our stay. The hotel's reception is alright as most of the staff are able to speak dual languages.

Dear Customer, I thank you for having chosen our hotel for a stay with your family and for sharing your impressions on Tripadvisor. I am delighted to have welcomed you and your family, and our location and our services were up to your expectations. Hoping to welcome you again very soon. Kind regards,

Decent, clean, modern, good value for money

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 4.0/5

dmanou Family - 18/04/2015 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

The hotel is a very decent, very clean, quiet hotel with modern decoration and very friendly staff. It takes about 10 minutes walk to a very central metro line (line: 7, station: porte d' Italie). The neighborhood is quiet, but a bit isolated and doesn't have any shops around, at least in the route from the metro station to the hotel.

I thank you for having chosen our hotel for a stay with your family and for sharing your impressions on Tripadvisor. I am delighted to have welcomed you and your family, and our location and our services were up to your expectations. For your next stay, I want to information you that we have a shopping center "OKABE" next to the hotel about 8 mn walking distance, next to the metro station "Le Kremlin Bicêtre". Hoping to welcome you again very soon, Kind regards.

good service

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 4.0/5

karlrattray Family - 30/12/2014 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

Attentive staff and comfortable room. Very good Tunisian restaurant La Goullette nearby. We nearly always use this hotel as a stopover from Calais to the West of France as it is conveniently located on the South Periferique of Paris

I want to thank you for having chosen our hotel for a stay with your family and for sharing your impressions on Tripadvisor. I forwarded your comments to all the teams that will be happy to learn that they were able to participate in your wellness and leave you a memorable and enjoyable stay in our hotel. Hoping to welcome you again very soon. Kind regards.


ملاحظة Tripadvisor 5.0/5

Roland J Family - 01/11/2014 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

The price is reasonable, the beds are perfect, the room is nice, the bathroom is very efficient and clean. The reception is verry kind. A verry good hotel for a family. Only the breakfast can better.The area arround the hotel is verry dirthy, but this not of the hotel.


ملاحظة Tripadvisor 3.0/5

Joerg B Business - 23/05/2014 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

- AIRCONDITION wasn't working, far too warm in the room, - room did not offer fresh air at all - location is fine for my purpose - breakfast is okay - hotel is "clean" - good value for money spend in France

Novotel Kremlin

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 2.0/5

Laura C Business - 30/03/2014 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

The minus: the food was not so good and heavy, expensive hotel. The room was loud and if someone took a shower above me, I could hear everything. The room was very big. Very good connection to metro and trams.

Novotel Porte d'Italie

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 4.0/5

Enzo C Business - 13/10/2013 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

Hotel is quite far away from the metro station. If you come to the Roissy airport, better to take the RER B until station Cite Universitaire and then take the tramway 3A until Porte d'Italie (3 stops). Hotel is good, but a bit isolated.

Avoid if you can!

ملاحظة Tripadvisor 2.0/5

golcay Business - 19/09/2013 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

I survived the first night. the second night there was this awful drain smell. I actually had to check out in the middle of the night and left. The shower also stank. I could not use it. I showered in the bath tub. The carpets are dirty and stained also. The staff at the hotel was nice though.


ملاحظة Tripadvisor 3.0/5

Bernadette T Couples - 19/07/2013 تقييم TripAdvisor المعتمد

The room was decently sized nicely presented with one big BUT paper cups and plastic glasses in a four star hotel! Would expect in a budget booking. We thought the plastic cups were disposable not so, they were never replaced in seven days, the paper cups we got one...were we supposed to share? Also had a mouth full from the girl cleaning our room. We arrived back at 4pm and my husband had to use the toilet urgently, she gave him a filthy look along with a verbal tirade did not need to speak french in this instance. You do not expect to be abused for using your own facilities, one would have thoughht room would be well cleaned before 4pm.

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