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Experience Manchester by Night

Explore Manchester at its finest.

Manchester is a city that completely comes alive when the evening arrives, with some of the best nightlife in the country to be found within. In addition to a series of sterling bars, pubs and eateries, Manchester has evolved to showcase more and more ‘unexpected’ forms of evening entertainment, as well as providing more traditional fun.

concert manchester

Live music in Manchester

Manchester caters to everybody’s musical tastes, as evident with both the Manchester Arena and the Manchester Opera House. The Arena has been host to some of the biggest names in modern music since its opening in 1995, including Kylie Minogue, Beyoncé and Take That- who hold the record for most appearances at the Arena with 38 performances. 
If musicals are a must for your palette, then the Manchester Opera House is a must-visit venue for you! The grand theatre is open throughout the year and plays host to a number of touring musicals and of course operas, with British and European premiers of some of the biggest touring shows often choosing to start at the opera house.

film library


HOME is a new and exciting library for books, film, theatre and the arts which opened in 2015 with help from the legendary British film director, Danny Boyle. HOME offers Manchester the perfect cultural hub, where creative work can not only be proudly shown off, but also created and ideated. There you will also find a café, restaurant and more than enough to leave you impressed and inspired. 
Art-lovers will be delighted to find that Manchester Art Gallery is open until 9pm on Thursdays, making it the perfect place to visit between dinner and a drink or some evening entertainment. The additional late-night hours make the art gallery a perfect time to visit some of the unique exhibitions that are put on display with more space away from large numbers of daytime visitors. 

ping pong paddle

Ping Pong Bars

Manchester has a number of well-established pubs and bars, and one can only assume a desire to keep re-inventing itself to stay original and innovative has led to the rise in popularity of Ping Pong Bars, of which Manchester is home to a fine selection. Twenty Twenty Two, Kosmonaut and The Salutation are among the most highly rated table tennis haunts in the city.
If you do not happen to find the soft pitter-pattering of ping pong palls soothing during your night out, Manchester still manages to oblige, with a wealth of craft beer, cocktail and wine bars to quench your thirst. 

manchester canal

Evening Walks and Tours

Manchester at night is a luminescent joy to behold and sometimes the best way to explore all it in its prime is by taking a walk along the river. The city boasts a number of fine areas to explore at night, with the canal being particularly picturesque once the dark sets in. Guided tours of the BBC building are also available in the evening, allowing you a rare insight into the building responsible for some of the world’s leading news, current affairs and entertainment broadcasting. 

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