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Visiting Blackburn – Ewood Park Stadium Guide

As one of the oldest stadiums in the UK, Blackburn’s Ewood Park has long been a popular destination among sports fans. It’s the home of the Premier League-winning Blackburn Rovers Football Club and it regularly attracts both home and away fans who flock to the area to see matches and fill its stalls.

If it’s your first visit, information on the venue’s layout, nearby food and drink options and hotels near Blackburn Rovers Stadium certainly wouldn’t go amiss. So, with that in mind, here’s a few things worth knowing about Ewood Park...

The History of Ewood Park

Opened in 1882, Ewood Park is an all seated venue with a capacity of 31,367. It’s comprised of four primary stalls including the Bryan Douglas Darwen End and Ronnie Clayton End, named after two famed Rovers players; the Jack Walker Stand, named in tribute to the eponymous businessman, and the Riverside Stand, named after its proximity to the River Darwen.

The pitch at Ewood Park measures 115 by 76 yards and is slightly elevated, meaning its players have to run up a small incline to take corners and throw-ins. From 1881 to 1890, Ewood Park housed football, athletics and greyhound racing before becoming the official home of Blackburn Rovers in 1890.

Buying Ewood Park Tickets

Tickets for the majority of Ewood Park’s football matches can be bought online, with prices varying depending on the popularity of each game. Ewood Park uses a match category policy which dictates costs of entry, with A+ and A tickets being the most expensive and B tickets priced at a concessionary rate. Tickets for OAPs, students and juniors are also available. Those who choose not to purchase their tickets online can opt to buy them on-site via the ticket office located in between the Riverside and Jack Walker Stands.

Food and Drink at Ewood Park

As with most football stadiums, food and drink options are available within the ground, including a selection of pies, pasties, sausage rolls, burgers and hotdogs, alongside a variety of hot and cold drinks.
Supporters are also allowed to bring in their own flasks, sandwiches, and snacks however food from nearby takeaways is prohibited. Those looking to dine close by can take advantage of some cheap-eats from the McDonalds on Bolton Road or visit a selection of sit-in restaurants including Chiquitos, Nandos, and Turtle Bay by Canterbury Street.

Hotels Near Ewood Park

Fans looking to maximise their time in Blackburn will be pleased to discover a range of hotels near Ewood Park that can place you within walking distance of Blackburn Rovers Stadium.
A visit to our hotels in Blackburn page can provide you with all the information you need about hotels near Blackburn Rovers Stadium. 

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