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Sport & fitness; an important need during hotel stays

These are the facts!

A survey conducted by Accor and DAN DNA reveals that the availability of sports facilities in hotels is increasingly appreciated. Consumers prefer to stay somewhere that supports their healthy lifestyle. When booking a hotel stay, aside from a favourable price/quality proposition, a comfortable bed, and breakfast included, travellers also consider healthy meals and fitness options to be important. The survey factored in the responses of two visitor groups; business travellers and recreational travellers.

Sport and travel

In the past two years, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become increasingly important for business travellers with 3 in 4 stating that they consider a healthy lifestyle important. No less than 72% of this group is actively involved in one or more sports. In addition to this, the survey shows that 1 in 3 business travellers base their choice of hotel, in part, on available sport/fitness options. 
For recreational travellers the above statistics were slightly lower; 2 in 3 recreational travellers consider a healthy lifestyle important. In this group, 63% are active in one or several sports. Additionally, for 18% of recreational travellers, the availability of sports facilities was an important consideration when booking their hotel.

Workouts in the hotel room as well as the fitness area

The treadmill is the most frequently used machine at the gym by both business travellers (60%) and recreational travellers (59%). In shared second place (among both groups of travellers) is the cross trainer and weight training devices. A small group of travellers enjoy doing exercises in their hotel room. 18% do sit-ups while as many as 20% do bedside push-ups. Another favourite is stretching, with 21% of people doing this in their room. 

About the survey

In conjunction with DAN DNA, Accor conducted a survey considering the factors that motivate guests when choosing a hotel, with particular attention to fitness options.  A total of 2,572 respondents were surveyed. This page displays an infographic with complete data obtained from the survey.
infographic sport and travel

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