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10 exercises for your hotel gym training

Complete workout in just 30 minutes

To stay fit, your will and determination are the most important, also when you’re away from home. If you’re staying in a hotel, there’s no reason not to continue your training routine. In some hotels, you’ll even find a fully-fledged gym will all the equipment to stimulate muscles and condition. At Accor, also, many of our hotels offer fitness facilities and there may be a swimming pool. So, it’s your choice to either start the day with some healthy exercising or take time to ease into the day. Would you like some inspiration for your workout? We’ve listed the top 10 exercises for an effective gym workout.

“I don’t count the sit-ups. I only start counting when it starts hurting because they’re the only ones that count” – Muhammed Ali.


Always begin your workout with a warming-up. This increases your heart beat and your metabolism. Your muscles are more quickly supplied with oxygen and energy. This reduces the chance of sore muscles and improves your performance, whether it’s strength or speed. Depending on the available equipment, we recommend 10 minutes easy exercise on a running belt or cross trainer action to warm up.

The workout

Take 30 seconds for each exercise and pause for 20 seconds between exercises. During your 20-second breaks you change over to another exercise. If you continue in this pace, you will have stimulated all muscle groups in less than 10 minutes. If you enjoy a more relaxed tempo, we recommend no more than 10 -12 repeats, with plenty of rest between exercises. Time is not as important now.
TIP: Pick up two dumbbells with different weights. For each exercise, choose a weight that you can just manage with say 10 to 12 repeats. Still not tired after 12 repeats? Choose the next weight up to increase the challenge of your training.

After an intensive workout, always finish with a cooling-down routine (5-10 minutes). This is important, because it reduces your heartbeat gradually and stimulates the discharge of waste substances. The way to prevent sore muscles and injuries! 
No gym or fitness space in the hotel? Not to worry, you can still work out. For inspiration, read the tips in the article on hotel room exercising. Rather jump into a pool? Read our article about swimming pool fitness

1. Dumbbell Squats

2. Dumbbel/Barbel Lunges

3. Dumbbell Bicep Curl

4. Dumbbell Tricep Extention

5. Push Ups

6. Dumbbell Chest Press

7. Dumbbell Chest Flys

8. Dumbbell Back Row

9. Dumbbell Shoulder Raises

10. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

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