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Travelling on the coffee trail

From Rio to Rome, take your taste buds on a journey in these coffee-loving destinations!

As varied and complex as wine in its aromas and characteristics, you can't help but be transported when you take a sip of coffee. From Italian espresso to Turkish coffee on the streets of Istanbul, it can be enjoyed in endless different ways, each with a unique twist. Find out more about coffee by taking a trip to the countries where it's grown - and drunk.

coffee brazil

The Mecca of coffee: Brazil

The biggest coffee producer in the world, coffee lovers can't miss Brazil. Grown in the sunny southeast, Brazilian coffee has a powerful, chocolatey and full-bodied flavour. Stay at theConfeitaria Colombo in the heart of the city for a cup of the good stuff. 
Coffee Quito Ecuador

Unique flavours in Ecuador

Ecuadorian coffee is all about woody notes, the perfect balance between sharpness and fullness, and spicy and nutty flavours. This South American country is known for producing a particular coffee bean and is a delight for anyone on the hunt for new and unusual experiences. Check into the Mercure Alameda Quito, then head off on a trip to the Andes and sample the best coffee the country has to offer. An unforgettable experience. 
Coffee Kenya

Kenya: the perfect cup of coffee

Although the plant originated in neighbouring Ethiopia, the country of Kenya has managed to perfect the art of producing it. Coffee from this African country has a distinct and recognisable taste, with sweet notes, a delicately sweet flavour and scent, and a sharp kick. Enjoy the surroundings of the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, and savour an early-morning coffee as you look out over Mount Kenya. The taste of perfection. 
Coffee Rome Italy

Behold the skill of Rome's baristas

Originating in Africa, the art of coffee-making was developed a little further north, in Italy. Here, baristas (barmen specialising in coffee) produce perfectly balanced espressos, lattes as light as air, and cappuccinos with luxuriously thick, creamy foam. When in Rome, leave your room at the Pantheon, to savour one of the best cups of coffee around. Buonissimo!
Coffee Istanbul Turkey

Coffee the traditional way in Istanbul

Coffee has been drunk in Turkey since the Middle Ages, and is prepared in a very unique way. It's ground very finely and put in a cezve (a small pot, traditionally made of bronze or copper), and then mixed with sugar, and sometimes cardamom, for a distinctive, caramelised taste. You won't be short of options near the Novotel Bosphorus, as the city has more than 6,000 cafés! 

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