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Do you have only 24 hours to see Ankara? We gathered what to do, where to visit and what to eat for you... Feel the spirit of Anatolian Culture and the modernism at the capital city of Turkey.

Where to visit? Explore historical locations

Ankara’s first and special location is Anıtkabir. If it is your first visit to Ankara or you haven’t seen Anıtkabir yet, Anıtkabir is a must and special location.
Let’s continue with history; Ankara Castle The castle is located in Altındağ district. Not knowing when exactly the castle was built but according to some sources it was built 2nd century BC. The castle, which remained standing during Roman, Byzantium, Seljukian and Ottoman era, still displays the marks of history.
Hamamönü is another must-visit location in Ankara. It is a historical and touristic place. You can see 19th-century architecture and take lots of pictures here. Mosques located in Hamamönü are; Sultan Taceddin Mosque, Hacı İlyas Mosque, Hacı Musa Mosque, Sarıkadı Mosque, Mehmet Çelebi Mosque and the villas are; Kamil Paşa Villa, Beynamlızade Villa and Kabakçı Villa. Also, Karacabey Hammam, Mehmet Akif Ersoy park and Mehmet Akif Ersoy Museum where Turkish national anthem was written, are located in Hamamönü.

What to eat & What to drink

It is possible to find many samples of Turkish and Anatolian cuisine in Ankara. Turkish bagel with sesame, Turkish döner kebap, kokoreç (charcoal grilled seasoned mutton), gobit, stuffed vine leaves of Beypazarı, boza with cinnamon and roasted chickpea are among flavours we are advising you to taste
Except these, you might pay a visit to Aspava Restaurants or restaurants on Gençlik Street. There you might get the chance to taste local flavours. Fresh ice cream of Ataturk Forest Farm and kokoreç in the district are quite tasty. While you are there, you can visit the farm and taste these flavours.
If you want to wear off the tiredness of the day with a glass of wine, we recommend Kalecik Wine from the famous grapes of Kalecik.

What about events? Culture, Art and Nature

If you want to spend time for cultural events such as exhibition, causerie or cinema, we recommend you the CerModern. It is the most important centre of modern art in Ankara. Along with exhibitions, events of different art branches, such as literature, cinema and music, are often.
If you want to get a history centered museum experience, you should definitely visit Erimtan Archeology and Art Museum. There are workshops and events for children as well.
Kuğulu Park is a great location for those who wants to spend time in nature. You can walk and get away from the noise of the city. If you have been in Kuğulu Park before, next destination is Seğmenler Park.

Shopping Break: Traditions still carry on in Ankara

If you are looking for souvenirs, you should visit Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu and Saman Bazaar in Ankara. There you can find Turkish traditional handicrafts such as copper, carpet and straw. Also, hawkweed gum, an old tradition of Anatolia, is something you can easily find there. The hawkweed is known good for periodontal diseases. If you visit Ataturk Forest Farm, we recommend you to buy fresh food products such as yoghurt, milk and cheese.
If you are looking for modern shopping malls you can visit Panora Shopping Mall where some unique international brands and also most of the national brands hosted. 365 Shopping Mall is also a perfect choice for shopping with its optimum size.

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