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The 6 best attractions of Walibi & Aqualibi Belgium

Over the head, hovering through the air and splashing!

Fancy a quick ride on a wooden rollercoaster? Or a deep dive in the water? Walibi Belgium is the place to be! The Belgian amusement park has two different zones: the dry zone with all the attractions and the indoor water zone Aqualibi. In order not to waste time in the long queues and get the most out of your day in Walibi, we list the must-do attractions for you:

Splashing in the Pulsar

If you like speed, water and a free fall, then you should definitely take a ride on the Pulsar. The record-breaking attraction is the first in the world to combine all three. Get in and prepare for a ride of 100 km/h while you are being catapulted back and forth over the water. You will reach a height of 45 meters in no time, then prepare to zoom down and provide a refreshing splash for the bystanders. Jitters guaranteed!

Float along in the Vampire

Feeling like a bat floating through the air: that is possible on the Vampire. Sit down and float through the park at a speed of 80 km/h. The Vampire makes several revolutions and a number of bloodthirsty loops. It’s a great way to blow off some time and to float with your feet through the air! Tip: Tie your laces up extra tight, because you do not want to spend the rest of the day with one shoe.

Racing on the Werewolf

The werewolf is perhaps the most unique attraction of Walibi Belgium. The attraction is made entirely out of wood, which makes a treacherous cracking effect throughout the ride. Zoom 80 km/h through the park with screeching turns and don’t forget to scream it out along the way! The most exciting moment of the attraction: the 23m climb to the highest point. But the drop afterwards also causes the necessary jitters in your stomach. And do not be afraid, loops are not included!

Bob sledding in the Bi-Bob

Connected to the amusement park Walibi, is the best water park in Belgium: Aqualibi. Aqualibi is the place to be for an entire day of water fun. Climb the largest water slides and slide down, with or without a floating device. In the Bi-Bob you, alone or as a couple, take a seat in a large tube and make a dive of no less than 140 m down. On this ride, you do not only zoom through the indoor area, but you also make a number of twists and bends outside the building. After one time on this ride, you immediately want to go again!

Free fall with the Flash

Make your visit to Aqualibi even more sensational with the must-do slide: Flash. This slide is one-of-a-kind due to its high speed and slick transparent tube, allowing you to slide down steeply. As a true thrill-seeker you start from 7.5 m altitude and you reach a speed of 50 km/h due to the free fall of 45°. Before you know it, you splash full of adrenaline into the water. Too afraid to take the fall? Encourage the daredevils from the sideline and see them literally drop straight down!<o:p></o:p>

Relax in the lagoon

After such an active day you definitely need some relaxation. Make your way to the relaxing hot tubs in the Lagoon for complete zen. Close your eyes, stop thinking and enjoy the tranquility. Or decide to end your day with a relaxing hotel stay near the amusement park and book the Walibi Package, which includes admission tickets to the park. This way you can start fully rested on your second day in the park!

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