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A good night's sleep in a hotel bed

You're finalising your hotel booking for a holiday or business trip: will your bed live up to your expectations?

A good night's sleep in a hotel bed is a must-have for lots of travellers, so knowing how to find a hotel with comfy beds is critical. When booking your travel, you need to think about these details: a hotel room with a good bed is key when it comes to enjoying the holiday or trip!

high-quality bedding

Making sure you don't get up on the wrong side of bed

Do you only manage to sleep well at home? No doubt you've carefully chosen your bedding - and even tested mattresses in store. Although the exact firmness of a mattress is a matter of taste, back specialists all agree that a mattress which is too soft is a disaster for your back. A good hotel bed should combine a supportive mattress with a beautifully cosy duvet and high-quality bedding - for truly delightful comfort.

Make your bed and lie in it!

When you're travelling, you have no choice but to leave it to hotel staff to make the bed of your dreams. You book a hotel, trusting in its house staff who are known for being professional and demanding: miracle workers who know how to keep sheets feeling fresh and looking inviting whilst tucking everything in perfectly! How do they manage it?
Accor' valets and chambermaids are particularly demanding when it comes to ensuring guests' sweet dreams: every detail is taken care of so that you can sleep soundly.
Sofitel MyBed

Sofitel's signature MyBedTM experience

A good night's rest is crucial to your well-being and happiness. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, it is essential to be well-rested and on top of your game. Designed to perfection for the ultimate sleep-time bliss, the Sofitel MyBedTM is a perfect ensemble of plush featherbed, cosy duvet, fluffy pillows and luxurious linen. Dream away in the absolute comfort of the Sofitel MyBedTM after a lively day-out or a productive work-day the next time you stay at one of our Sofitel addresses worldwide.

How can you be sure that your chosen hotel has great beds and bedding?

The easiest way is to trust in other people's impressions. You check out online reviews and recommendations posted by guests who have stayed in the hotel you've got your eye on. They often mention breakfast, the spa and the staff but they also include comments about the hotel's mattresses and bedding and how they slept.
Now you really have everything you need to choose the right hotel!

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