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Fine shopping in Luxembourg

Jump from window to window in the historic city

In an era where online shopping is trending, it’s still fun to parade the shopping streets during your vacation. There are many shops in Luxembourg, from luxurious shopping districts, to undiscovered markets. We provide you with some great tips for the best shopping in Luxembourg, and find out where to go for the finest designer clothing, jewellery, art and Luxembourg’s chocolate known as "knippercher."

The well-known shopping streets

Online shopping definitely doesn’t give you the same authentic, happy feeling as a day of shopping in Luxembourg city. Luxembourg city is pretty much car-free, so feel free to zigzag from sidewalk to sidewalk to swoon away at the many luxurious window displays. You can do this best in the most famous shopping streets avenue de la Liberté, rue des Capucins and avenue de la Gare; with its many side streets, you will enjoy hours of shopping among a wide variety of clothing, jewellery, art, furniture ... almost anything! Think of luxury brands like Gucci and Hugo Boss, but also the more accessible shops in Luxembourg like H&M and Zara. Luxembourg is a city of beautiful contrasts, and therefore you’ll see many modern stores hidden in historic buildings, or the other way around: small, idyllic stores in between glass, metal buildings! It’s a charming city where all shopping fanatics will definitely succeed in finding something nice.
Luxembourg's famous chocolate "knippercher"
Luxembourg's famous chocolate "knippercher"
High fashion on almost every corner
High fashion on almost every corner

Unterstadt & Oberstadt

The shopping district in Luxembourg is usually split into two areas: Unterstadt and Oberstadt. Unterstadt is located close to the central station, and here, for example, runs avenue de la Gare through. Clothing and jewellery are virtually anywhere to be found in Luxembourg, but this area is especially great when you're looking for electronics. Purchase here your brand new camera to capture this historic city the very same day!
A photo of the historic, famous casemates of Luxembourg should be in your collection - these are the world’s largest casemates! The casemates were mainly used as a shelter for soldiers, but also here were some shops and food joints to be found. That obviously didn’t look as beautiful as what you see above the ground in Luxembourg, but the soldiers had to spend an awful long time in the casemates to defend the city, so a quick bite nearby was pretty necessary!
Grand Rue is probably the most famous shopping street in Oberstadt. And again, on your left and right you find designer clothes and jewellery of, for example, Chanel, but this is especially the right place to be for Luxembourg’s famous chocolate, better known as "knippercher!" Go to one of the many pastries around and sample some of the city's finest delicacies! Furthermore, Grand-Rue is a shopper’s paradise with boutiques, perfumeries, exclusive leather and many shoe stores.
Modern shops in historic buildings
Modern shops in historic buildings

Place d'Armes

Place d'Armes is the historic shopping district of Luxembourg, and is right by the Grand-Rue. Meaning you can easily kill two birds with one stone! If you are looking for something nice on the wall, this is the place for some great art galleries like Galerie Schortgen and Gallery 88 Edition. Besides paintings and stunning photography, you’ll also find some fine iron wall plaques or decorated porcelain plates!
Another tip near Place d'Armes is Zakka. This is truly a unique shop full of Luxembourg’s exclusive accessories. Think of crazy purses, eye-catching necklaces and earrings or luxury drinking straws which can be found nowhere else. Zakka feels like a vacation in itself where your wildest fantasies are transformed into beautiful presents. So, if you are looking for something creative to give to friends or family (or to keep for yourself), then Zakka is the place to be!
Spend a day to scour the markets
Spend a day to scour the markets

Plenty of markets

If you already spent a small fortune on all those international designer clothes on your first day, there are luckily some nice little things to get at the flea market at Place d'Armes. Every Saturday, you will find a huge variety of junk and treasures here. Rummage around a few hours, even if you just want to experience some of Luxembourg’s friendly atmosphere. But be warned, you will eventually end up with bags full of figurines, tableware, LPs and other knickknacks! This market is only open in the summer months.
If you can’t get enough of prowling the markets, every Wednesday and Saturday there is a huge market on Place Guillaume II. They sell mainly local foods here, such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, all types of cheeses, fish, meat and other local delicacies that you can eat on the benches right next to the stands. Is your bag still not full enough? Go immediately to the flea markets at Foire à la Brocante and Marché aux Puces!

Luxembourg's unique and beautiful porcelain
Luxembourg's unique and beautiful porcelain

Some hidden treasures

Villeroy & Boch Creation is a very interesting shopping place and definitely recommended. Here you will find ceramics, porcelain and crystals that is produced in Luxembourg, and only here to be found. This probably reminds you of the porcelain plates on the table of your mother in law, but Villeroy & Boch Creation has way more to offer - there are some very unique creations that almost everyone will like!
Another hidden gem is Kaale Kaffi - a vintage shop. Make no mistake here either, because it is not just a vintage shop, it’s a vintage shop and cafe cross-over! If you’d like, you can spend a full day here; start your day with a good cup of coffee at Kaale Kaffi, and then stroll around the hip vintage clothing and accessories. When your stomach begins to gnaw, grab a small bite and drink a healthy smoothie, at Kaale Kaffi. Once you’re done with your lunch, you pay off your vintage stuff and finish the day with a stronger drink, also at Kaale Kaffi! It seems like this is something typical Luxembourgish, because this setting can also be found at Konrad Café. Here you’ll find the finest vintage furniture that you can even test during lunch. Take a bite of your sandwich on one of the vintage couches you might want to take home with you after lunch, and just do it - it’s that easy!
We hope you enjoy shopping in Luxembourg!

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