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6 tips for celebrating King's Day in The Netherlands

Get ready for the orange fever!

Every year the birthday of King Willem-Alexander van Oranje (‘orange’ in English) is celebrated exuberantly throughout The Netherlands. The whole country is dripping in orange- how appropriate. The streets are filled with parties and people who consume the necessary drinks. The royal family is warmly welcomed across the rest of the country. Age-old traditions emerge again and the entirety of the country celebrates with flea markets and festivals organized just for the occasion. Here are some tips to celebrate Kings weekend in The Netherlands:

King's Day on April 27th

Most importantly – don’t mistake the date! Until 2014, during Queen Beatrix reign, Queen's Day was celebrated on April 30th. Every Dutchman knows that the celebration is now called King's Day and that it is now commenced on the birthday of King Willem-Alexander – April 27th. Nevertheless, every year on the 30th of April, many foreign tourists still travel to Amsterdam to take part in the Dutch festival. Dressed in orange, they walk dazed through the center looking for a party. Unknowingly ... a few days late. Don’t be the next one to make that mistake!

Go celebrate at a festival

King's Day, of course, is an official holiday in The Netherlands and that is why (almost) everyone has the day off. Turn the holiday into a festive weekend and start celebrating the evening before King's Day. The evening before King's Day - King's Night - several parties are thrown throughout the largest cities in The Netherlands. Listen and watch the performances by famous artists and dance the night away. As the night draws to an end, crawl into bed and sleep in! After a nice breakfast, with orange Dutch pastries, continue your festive weekend and visit the biggest King's Day festivals in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Breda. For those who love to party on a budget.. visit one of the many free festivals and save the rest up for the necessities- drinks!

Congratulate the king personally

Did you know the Dutchmen normally follow the arrival of the royal family on TV with millions of other viewers? Go crazy this year and celebrate King's Day with King Willem-Alexander and his family! Every year they visit a different municipality to attend the opening party, take pictures and play games. Stroll through the traditional flea markets, play old Dutch games and enjoy the live music in the presence of the king. Not only is it fun, but King’s Day also is a great opportunity to discover a new city! Tip: In November, the Royal House usually announces where the royal family will come King's Day.

The perfect King's Day outfit

It’s no surprise that on King's Day, The Netherlands are decked out in orange. It is therefore unheard of not to wear one of the Dutch colors: orange, blue, red or white. King's Day is also the prefect time to wear your craziest outfits: from orange satin blouses with ruffles to orange lion onesies. Nothing is too crazy for the national holiday! Finish off your outfit with the Dutch flag on your cheeks and don’t forget the orange nail polish!

Sell your stuff at a flea market

In every city and village there is something organized to celebrate the royal family. For example, there are flea markets throughout the country where the young and old come together to sell their items. Are you still looking for some decorations for your home? Or are you crazy about antiques? Roam around the largest flea markets in the country and score a new eye catcher for a great deal. Visit the flea markets in Rotterdam, The Hague or Utrecht. Do you want to earn a penny yourself? Then sell your stuff at the flea market and you may earn back your festive weekend!

Rent a boat in Amsterdam

Everyone should, at least once in their life, celebrate King’s Day in Amsterdam. There are celebrations on every street corner and on every canal of the Dutch capital. The city is completely decorated with food trucks, bars and DJ booths. Celebrate King's Day as a true Amsterdam local would and rent a boat with your friends. The nice thing about renting a boat is that you are in the middle of all the festivities without having to squeeze between the crowds. Don’t wait too long to reserve your boat, otherwise you may be too late! Tip: You also want to consider sailing the night before King's Day, then you are more likely to find a boat available.

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