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Deserted beaches of Rio de Janeiro to escape tumult

Crystal clear water, waves, and great tranquility await you in this selection of wild beaches

Rio de Janeiro remains beautiful and filled with paradisiacal scenery. For this reason, it is one of the favorite destinations at the sun season . However, whoever chooses the city of Rio de Janeiro to enjoy summer vacations may come across a common dilemma: crowded beaches. The good news is that there are several deserted beaches in Rio de Janeiro, that is, it is possible to enjoy the shade and fresh water in the most tranquility. We selected 4 refuges on the coast of Rio de Janeiro to include in the trip itinerary.

Praia do Secreto

To get to Praia do Secreto (Secret Beach) you have to make an effort: the only access is made by a steep rocky wall of 15 meters. But the stunning look pays off - and a lot! The beach is only 12 meters long and, surrounded by rocks, looks very similar to a large natural pool. Tip! take a sneaker to be able to do the walk without problems.


Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Grumari has easy access and even counts with parking lots and kiosks. The wild climate is due to the rocky shores and the green surrounding all the space, creating the sensation of privacy. The beach is ideal for families, since in the shallow part the sea is very calm, and also by surfers who venture in the waves that break in the bottom of the sea.


Point of surfers in search of good waves, Prainha is located in the West Zone of the city, within an Environmental Preservation Area. This means that you will find an emerald green sea with crystal clear water and abundant vegetation of the Atlantic Forest. The 150 meters of a strip of sand is protected by hills and stones, guaranteeing the sensation of wild beach in the middle of Rio de Janeiro. Try to visit it during the weekdays, when it is practically deserted.

Praia do Inferno

Despite its name (Hell's Beach), this small beach in Barra de Guaratiba is a true paradise. The area is so preserved that it is common to find native animals such as monkeys. It is recommended to ensure the presence of a guide to venture on the trails and get there. If you want to spend the day at Praia do Inferno, take snacks, water and lots of sunscreens - there are no street vendors or kiosks in the area.

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