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8 hidden treasures in Amsterdam

Insider tips on museums, restaurants, special sights…

When you are about to go to Amsterdam for a weekend, or longer, you want a special holiday. We provide you with a selection of insider tips from the locals who tell you all about the hidden treasures of Amsterdam! These are exceptional spots where most tourist in Amsterdam do not think of, and with that, you will most likely avoid big crowds. Leave your Lonely Planet at home and read here the 8 insider tips on hidden delights in Amsterdam; from unique museums to hidden architecture!

Huis Marseille

Huis Marseille is a wonderful museum of photography. Not only the exhibitions are special, also the building itself; this is a classic example of "kill two birds with one stone." Huis Marseille is situated on the Keizersgracht and has no less than 14 exhibition rooms in its canal houses of the 17th century. It gives you the opportunity to discover the characteristic houses of Amsterdam while gradually walking through the exhibition spaces. The high ceilings and bright rooms offer a beautiful, authentic atmosphere for the photography of esteemed national and international heroes. Tip: do not forget to step inside the 18th century garden and its summer house!

De Schatkamer in het Stadsarchief

You can gush from the city bustle in the “Schatkamer” (Treasury) of the “Stadsarchief” (City Archives). The Stadsarchief is an old bank based in De Bazel. Once you enter the "basement," you immediately notice the huge vault doors where clients used to keep their valuables behind. The area has something magical and surreal and it feels like you are stepping into an old movie. The marble staircases and glass ceilings are reminiscent of an upscale version of Harry Potter. There are 350 treasures here, including Rembrandt’s letters he sent to his maid, and the declaration letter of Anne Frank's stolen bike.
Special collection of bags at Tassenmuseum
Gold locked in the "Schatkamer"


The “Tassenmuseum” (bags museum) is quite known among tourists, but definitely a little gem in Amsterdam. The Tassenmuseum exhibits the history and present of one of the most popular fashion accessories of Western culture. The Tassenmuseum originated from a private collection of Hendrikje and Heinz Ivo and has grown to become the largest bag museum in the world. They really show their passion for bags throughout the whole building. A building that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list!

Buffet van Odette

One of the best lunch venues of Amsterdam, according to the locals of Amsterdam, is Buffet van Odette. This elegant restaurant has a light, classic look where you will be served by the friendliest staff. The lunch menu is unique and very tasty, but they are known for their buffet table: every day a new, special selection of vegetables, salads, soup, pasta, quiche and a well brewed coffee with homemade, delicious cake! When it’s warm and sunny, you  may sit outside on the Prinsengracht, but locals of Amsterdam think you will enjoy the inside even more, because of their trendy interior and open kitchen - watch the food made before your eyes. No time for lunch at Buffet van Odette? You can also have breakfast and dinner here!
The magical setting of Vuurtoreneiland
The magical setting of Vuurtoreneiland


It is all about the overall experience at the restaurant on the Vuurtoreneiland (lighthouse island). They even call it a “mini-adventure” instead of a night out for dinner. You reach the Vuurtoreneiland by boat which is included in the package deal. During the boat ride of about an hour, you sail on the calm waters of Amsterdam and you get a number of delicious snacks served with wine pairing. Once on the island, you step into a magical world with rare flora, stray sheep around you, Amsterdam's only lighthouse and the wooden, glass building where you get a pre-selected five-course menu with wine pairing. It is truly a unique experience that lasts about a total of 5 hours!

Bar Oldenhof

Bar Oldenhof is a unique, high-end whiskey bar, hidden behind the characteristic buildings on the Elandsgracht. Some people pass the entrance like 8 times before finding it, but we will help you with that: look for the green, brown door on Elandsgracht 84! Once inside, you find yourself in an authentic room with old leather couches and lots of velvet and wood. You feel like an ages author who ends his/her evening after a long writing session with a good glass of whiskey. If you would like to try different whiskeys, go for their well known whiskey tasting. Not a whiskey lover? Take a glass of wine or cocktail, or go all together to the next insider's tip: wine bar DiVino!
Idyllisch in de Jordaan met wijnbar DiVino
Idyllisch in de Jordaan met wijnbar DiVino
Doe een wisky proeverij bij bar Oldenhof
Doe een wisky proeverij bij bar Oldenhof

Wijnbar DiVino

Bij wijnbar DiVino krijgt u alleen Italiaanse wijnen en daar is de bar ook volledig op afgestemd; u doet de deur open en het lijkt net alsof u Toscane binnenstapt. De muren zijn prachtig beschilderd met Italiaanse landschappen, de kunst is Italiaans, het interieur is Italiaans, alles is er Italiaans. Tussen de verschillende wijnen door krijgt u perfect getimed een aantal Italiaanse hapjes van zelfgebakken brood met overheerlijk olijfolie tot pittige worstjes; allemaal afgestemd op de wijnen die u krijgt!

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