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Gaziantep, Turkey

A cultural and food tour of the city

Now, it is time to write about our wonderful trip that we had last week. I should admit that arranging and loading these documents to the computer, reminded me all of the memories, and i felt as if i went back those times. I’m very happy with it, by the way.

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The team of our trip was perfect : Aykut Aslantaş, Harbiyiyorum, Hasan Başusta, Merlin Mutfakta, Melodi Türkili, Vizesiz Geziyorum, Şehir Notları, Hakan Yaşar, Gezgin Çift, Güneş Akdoğan, Mehmet Ali Ergin, Madam Stiletto, and of course me, Oburcan :)

Our trip began with visiting the Zeugma Museum. I strongly recommend you to see the world wide known mosaics in Gaziantep. Especially you should watch the advertising film which lasts three minutes.

Everybody knows the name of this mosaic but they may not know the name the below. Its name is Gypsy Girl which is identified with Zeugma and it is exhibited in a special room.

After the museum visit, our first station was famous Kebapçı Halil Usta. This place is one of the most proceeding restaurants in Gaziantep. It’s like a factory, because here is always full of people. Firstly, our salad was brought. It was very spicy and tasty.

Then, we were astonished by a plate which was almost harshly reminding us where we were.  Kusleme, Kusbası, and simid kebab was miraculous. I’m afraid there is no way to address the lusciousness of soft meat. Actually you had better eat your meal calmly and enjoy it.

Foursquare : Kebapçı Halil Usta

Our second station was Tostcu Erol. As far as I know, he is one of the proceeding firms using the social media in a best way. They use a high technology which provides them to receive an order from Facebook and they make a toast with egg in a toast machine with this technology :)

I wanted you to see those moments, when the intensity of the sensations was on the top :)

Foursquare : Tostçu Erol

Our next station was of course The Baklava of Antep. We came to Elmacıpazarı Gulluoglu, which is located in Historical Elmacıpazarı. Here, we learned the history of the Baklava and we tasted different types of baklava. But my favorite was Sobiyet, for sure.

Foursquare : Elmacıpazarı Güllüoğlu

After eating baklava, we drank our coffee but by taking serious the recommends of Salih, we came to eat crispy Lahmacun.   Furthermore, if you add aubergine meal in it, its taste will be quıte unbelievable, and it is called as sıcırtma.

Foursquare : Crispy Lahmacun

We came to Asina Gaziantep Mutfagi, for a dinner and tasted the regional foods.  We ate Lebeniye, kuru dolma, lahmacun, kusleme, kusbası, baklava, sobiyet, and whatever we found. But the food which had a great impact on me was Saray Kebabı, as you can see the image below. The taste of sour and sweet quince went with the meal. It both added the characteristic taste and it is so harmonious with the meal. I loved it!

By the way, variant of the Baklava and sobiyet was so delicious here.

Foursquare : Aşina Gaziantep Mutfağı

Starting a day, by drinking Beyran, in Metanet is a ritual in Gaziantep. We made the same thing. Beyran is a meal which is very interesting. Be careful, I don’t say soup, I say meal!

First, tail fat is being put, at the bottom of the bowl and a piece of meal is put then rice, garlic and chili powder, finally broth is added. Then it is boiled in a very hot temperature,

The result is awesome Beyran!

Foursquare : Metanet Lokantası

While returning from Metanet, to the hotel we ate fried liver. It is being cooked in a fire for hours. Then it is wrapped and eaten with appetite. 

We ate well known simit katmer, baked in the oven. It is another beautiful type of classical katmer. If you have a chance, absolutely try it.

Just look at that beauty and try to feel it.

Foursquare : Akşam Simit Fırını

We bought our baklava, from  Koçak Baklava.

Foursquare : Koçak Baklava

Novotel Hotel, where we stayed in Gaziantep gained every ones admiration. It is my duty to thank them.

Foursquare : Novotel

And Birecik. After a journey taking 1, 5 hour, we arrived Birecik. We were so surprised and contented to see a mating farm for the bald ibis, which is about to extinct. Also, our astonishment was increased when we learned that there is a nest of a Anatolian Dragon which is very similar to Komodo dragon. Birecik is also a cittaslow, I didn’t know.

And Halfeti. It was very interesting experience to see three submerged villages, with a boat tour. Note the Rumkale rocky. Don’t return, before seeing here!

When i think in a detailed way, I realize that we have done a lot of thing, even though we only had 36 hours. Of course, it wasn’t enough, but I see this as an introduction trip which was so good. It was only a rough trip. Only the rough one. That’s all. Details are later on.

I extend my gratitude the readers, who are able to read till the end patiently.


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