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Christmas meals around the world

Christmas: a journey for you and your taste buds, too

Fancy giving Christmas a foreign flavour? Hitch a ride with us then on Santa's sleigh as we provide a tour of Christmas meals around the world... From Lyon to Sydney, via Munich, Seoul, Mexico City and Chicago, take a look at what's on offer and book your tickets, hotel and table accordingly!


Dining under Lyon's starry skies

In the home town of top chef Paul Bocuse, Christmas dining is taken seriously. As you'll see at the Restaurant des Trois-Dômes, where the classics of festive French cuisine reign supreme. 
Your taste buds will tingle as you try the Foie Gras Sainte Trinité, traditional turkey, and bûche de Noël, revisited by Michelin-starred chef Christian Lherm. And to accompany delicacies like pétales de coquilles Saint-Jacques? A glass of bubbly, of course. All in all, an unforgettable highlight of your break in Lyon... 

Feasting on a christmas goose in Munich

Settled at your table in a cosy inn, you sip a beer as you choose your Christmas meal. In Germany, the traditional option is not turkey but goose with stuffing. You'll savour the delicious mixture of apples and prunes, alternating with red cabbage braised with cranberry jelly... 
The next stop on your culinary tour is Munich's Christmas market, where you try a piece of traditional Stollen, baked just a few hours earlier. This traditional cake adds just the touch of sweetness you need during your Munich holiday... 

Honouring tradition in Seoul

It's time to forget the goose or turkey and embrace the exotic during your stay in Seoul. After visiting the traditional village of Namsangol Hanok, you continue your studies of Korean culture in a bulgogi steakhouse.
In the centre of the table, the grill sizzles beneath the slices of prime beef marinated in pear juice. You serve yourself with chopsticks and add the condiments yourself. With its juicy, gently caramelised taste, your mouthful of bulgogi simply melts in your mouth—a Nirvana-like experience! 

Sampling Mexico City's surprising flavour combinations

After Nirvana, let's head  to the heavenly festival of Las Posadas, the traditional celebrations that take place across Mexico in the run-up to Christmas. In the evenings, you can wander among the tables set out on the streets.
You might even be lucky enough to join a local family as they tuck into an ensalada de Nochebuena—a colourful salad of oranges, peanuts, apples and beetroot. And if you're really fortunate to try the turkey in chocolate and chili sauce, your stay in Mexico City will be truly unforgettable!

Tasting Christmas treats at Chicago's Christmas market

Feeling hot under the collar after all that chili? Then come and cool down in Chicago. To lessen the shock of the quite different climate, treat yourself to a culinary stroll through the stalls of the city's Christmas market.
In just a few seconds, the scent of mulled wine and freshly baked pretzels will whisk you from the Windy City to old Germany. Even so, the hotdog and burger stands—not to mention the skyscrapers all around—will soon remind you of where you're spending your Christmas break: in Chicago, USA! 

Spending Christmas in Sydney at an Aussie-style Barbie

Forget your hat and scarf—on Bondi Beach  the dress code is swimwear and flip-flops! And you can eat your festive meal right here on the beach, as you ring the changes on an Australian-style Christmas barbecue. There's no point looking for turkey: pride of place here goes to the grilled fish and seafood, whose tempting aromas waft up from the barbie.
As you sit among the palm trees enjoying a fantastic variety of fresh products, you'll see just how sweet life can be, during your Christmas break in Sydney.

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