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Brussels Flower Carpet: Everything You Need to Know

A truly spectacular biennial event, the Brussels Flower Carpet is a unique celebration in one of the world’s most beautiful central squares.

What is the Flower Carpet in Brussels?

Every other year, over 500,000 flowers are arranged masterfully in the centre of Brussels Grand-Place. The impressive Grand-Place is breathtakingly beautiful all the time, but with a kaleidoscope of bright begonias laid out in the summer, the smells, sights, and atmosphere of the Gothic landmark are even more memorable.

The display

The flower carpet uses begonias, of which Belgium is the largest producer in the world. These tough little flowers are just right for the job, available in a rainbow of colours and resilient enough to withstand all weather conditions, each beautiful begonia adds a touch more majesty to the brilliant floral display.
A committee of professional creatives, from illustrators and graphic designers to landscape architects, are assembled biennially as the team responsible for designing the display. The carpet represents a different theme each time it appears, from major events and countries to continents and cities.
When it’s time to lay the display, a full-size drawing across the square acts as a guide, then, an army of volunteer gardeners come together to assemble the glorious carpet in less than eight hours. Flowers pack together so closely that they can’t be shifted or blown away, and thanks to clever planning, stay fresh for four days.

Visiting Brussels’ Flower Carpet

The spectacle began in 1971, with a different impressive design laid out every two years since. For the best view possible, visit the town hall balcony and enjoy a wide-angle perspective. Every display receives a musical accompaniment, with concerts taking place on the Grand-Place every evening that the flower carpet is on show.
Whether you’re planning a trip to Brussels and can’t decide on a date or you’re looking for a memorable summer trip in Europe, visit the Belgian capital during the special weekend for an experience like no other.

Choosing a hotel in Brussels

Whether you’re visiting with a partner, a group of family or friends, we have Accor ALL hotels to suit every party in Brussels. Choose one of our considerate hotels near Brussels train station and interrail with ease or stay close to the historic Grand-Place itself and enjoy the flower carpet from start to finish.
The Novotel Brussels off Grand Place sits in an unbeatable location beside the city’s iconic square, while our ibis Brussels off Grand Place is just a stone’s throw away. For an easy, low-cost stay, choose the ibis Brussels City Centre. The Novotel Brussels Centre and Mercure Brussels Centre Midi are perfect family-friendly options close to all the best in the city. 
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