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Balancing Fitness with Business

It can be a struggle to balance work and fitness when you’re an entrepreneur, but it is very important for your health that you’re physically active and don’t just sit behind a desk all day. In this guide we’ll show you how it can be possible to reach that work-life balance, without compromising on your success in business. We’ll also provide tips of how you can incorporate health into different parts of your daily routine, and how you can boost your employees’ health in addition to your own.

Workout at your desk
If you don’t have time to visit a gym regularly, there’s nothing stopping you from exercising where you are in ten-minute bursts, especially if you have a private office. There are plenty of chair based exercises to choose from and they can make a real difference to your fitness levels, just make sure you don’t use a chair with wheels! 
You might feel a little silly at first, but all those bursts of fitness add up and can make a huge difference in the long run. 

Think about where you park
If you own your own company, it’s likely that you’ll have your own car parking space right by your building’s entrance. Perhaps now is the time to consider whether you really need it? If you parked further away, you’d benefit from the short stroll. If you live locally, why not cycle or walk at least one day a week?

Likewise, when you’re next going for a business meeting or social gathering with your employees, why not consider choosing a venue that’s within walking distance? It can be so easy to jump in the car out of habit but try to get into the walk-everywhere mindset.

Choose the stairs
If your building has a lift you probably use it, but taking the stairs could be much better for you. Walking briskly can also help, as you want to try and raise your heart rate. Why not run a company-wide pedometer challenge to see who can walk the furthest each week? There could be prizes for individuals and the winning department.
Fit man in blue suit with bicycle

Schedule your exercise
Sometimes you need to think about exercising as if it is another part of your business day. Block out the time in your diary and stick to it. Don’t be tempted to cancel if something else overruns. If you do need to postpone, don’t lose heart. Just make up the time when you can. 
Offer flexi-time
In allowing your employees to vary their start and finish times, you are giving them the option to exercise before or after work, without compromising on their family time. They might go for a jog, visit a gym or take part in an exercise class. If they exercise before work it could boost their concentration levels and if they exercise afterwards, it could help them unwind. 
Recognise the importance of a lunch break
In any business, there is the temptation to eat as you work, and you may be guilty of doing this on a daily basis. Your employees might do the same, but this isn’t good for them mentally or physically. Productivity actually decreases when people don’t take regular breaks. 
Encourage your employees to take their full lunch break and perhaps suggest that they go for a walk or jog. If you have a spare meeting room and the budget available, you could consider turning it into a staff gym. Alternatively, you could pay for an exercise instructor to come in occasionally and do a free exercise class during the lunch break. Zumba, for instance, is very popular with people of varying fitness levels.
Think about offering wellbeing perks
To attract the best talent to your business, your HR manager will want to have some perks that they can discuss with potential recruits. As well as offering a Cycle to Work scheme, why not see if you can get a discounted rate for a local gym? Free fresh fruit in the office, even if it’s just on a Friday, could be a nice touch. A local personal trainer might be willing to offer discounted sessions; you won’t know unless you ask. 
We hope we’ve inspired you to get active and consider ways you can help your employees do the same. A healthier workforce can be more productive and less likely to take sick days, which of course would be good news for your business.

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