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Morocco: An authentic experience

Explore Morocco with our guide

Experience the rhythm of North African drums under the star-dappled skies of Morocco. With Accor located in 16 cities throughout Morocco, you can discover the sights and sounds throughout the country.

quad morocco

Take the opportunity to enjoy an adrenaline-pumping quad bike ride through the desert in the outskirts of Marrakech, or take a short drive to Oukaïmeden’s resort where you can frolic in the snow or ski down the steep slopes of the Atlas Mountains. Learn to kitesurf in the charming resort town of Essaouira, before indulging in fresh fish from the Atlantic Ocean. 
moutains atlas morocco

Popular tourist destination Marrakech, is home to six Accor in Morocco, making it the ideal gateway for couples, family and friends. Explore the hidden gems of Marrakech and take in the incredible sight of snow-capped Atlas Mountains to the south of the city. Extend your time and spend a week in this remarkable resort so you can be enthralled by snake charmers and magicians showcasing their talents in Jamaa el-Ffnaa, Marrakech's main square and marketplace, located in the labyrinthine medina. 
For a dose of majestic history, make your way through the El Badi Palace – a lavish sixteenth century castle which was commissioned by Saadian sultan Ahmed al-Mansur.  Featuring four sunken gardens, large pools and a series of dungeons, this estate was once adorned with precious materials such as Sudanese gold, Italian marble and ivory. Its ruins offer a marvellous peek into an era of indulgence. The El Badi Palace literally translates as "The Incomparable One" – a clear indication of its extravagance.  
You could also wander through the elaborate architecture of the Bahia Palace – a fascinating counterpoint to the ruins of the El Badi Palace. Established in the nineteenth century, this sprawling estate has 160 exquisitely adorned rooms which exude Eastern artistry. 
menara gardens morocco

With the warm hospitality of Accor in Marrakech as your base, you will be at ease getting lost in the Menara gardens, sampling the delights of the city during a Calèche Ride, marvelling at the Koutoubia Mosque and enjoying the bustling atmosphere of the Red City during the day.
As the sun sets, the nightlife comes alive, and this mesmerising metropolis transforms into a bustling hub of activity. The exceptional entertainment lined up includes enthralling belly dancers at restaurants and even snake charmers in the marketplace. 

desert morocco

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, escape into the Moroccan desert for an overnight adventure. Ride a camel through the Moroccan desert dunes, and then dance the night away in the Saharan desert beside a bonfire – a spectacular experience for travellers who want to create unforgettable memories. 
From coastal serenity to multicultural city adventures, this North African country has a plethora of travel offerings to enjoy when you join us at one of our welcoming Accor in Morocco.

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