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5 great ideas for independent travel

Fancy treating yourself to a solo trip?

You're in the mood for some alone time and a well-earned getaway. What are you waiting for? Pack your suitcase and jet off on a solo trip to enjoy yourself and relax in style in one of five destinations, carefully chosen by the Accor magazine. You're sure to enjoy a magical holiday! Whether you're a fan of the outdoors, relaxation, shopping, culture or architecture, we've got something for you!

Discover India's ancient culture

Feel like getting away from it all? In the mood for a real culture shock and unforgettable experiences? You jet off to India, a mystical country which is bursting with history. Rather than choosing northern India and Rajasthan, you decide to explore Kerala, in the southwest of the country. After checking in to the ibis Kochi hotel, in the state's largest city, you discover a culture which is a perfect mix of ancient traditions and modernity. Old Portuguese buildings stand alongside street art, while typical street stalls fill the air with deliciously spicy smells. From the fishing port, you wander through quiet wooded gardens and pretty colonial streets, enjoying India's unique hidden treasures on your own.

Enjoy the beauty of Baikal in the heart of Siberia

Since finishing the last page of Sylvain Tesson's book "The Consolations of the Forest", you've  had one wish: to visit the mythical shores of Lake Baikal! You choose to go in summer to avoid the bitter winter cold. With a French-Russian translation app downloaded on your phone, you set out on a fantastic adventure for one - just like the novel's protagonist. You're not sure about the very basic comfort of an isolated cabin, preferring to leave your luggage at the ibis hotel in Irkutsk, the perfect gateway to explore the area. From there, you can enjoy some incredible trips in the heart of Siberia. The unspoiled natural setting of Lake Baikal, just over 40 miles away, leaves you captivated. Perhaps you'll come back in winter with your Russian fur hat...

Marvel at Niemeyer's masterpieces in Brasilia

You have a passion for architecture and enjoying taking in your surroundings at your own pace, so take all the time you need to explore Brasilia, the Brazilian capital and renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer's personal playground! Designed entirely by the master of futuristic architecture, lose yourself in the city's fascinating maze of sleek concrete and delight in its masterpieces. Setting out from the Mercure Brasilia hotel, you start by visiting the sumptuous Catedral Metropolitana, before heading to the Presidential Palace, the Palácio da Alvorada. Working your way round the city's monuments, you finish your tour at the Congressio Nacional and admire its incredible view. Gorgeous!

Sun, sea and sand in Egypt

If you really want to relax, the secret is to go alone: no-one to bother you, no-one to tell you what to do or where to go... heavenly! Wanting to enjoy some real peace and quiet, you head for Egypt. The land of the pharaohs welcomes you with a delicious combination of sun, sea and blue skies. As a guest at the Novotel in Sharm el Sheikh, you start with some poolside relaxation, thanks to the incredibly comfortable sun loungers there. When you leave the hotel, you make your way to the beaches of El Fanar and Ras Um Sid for a spot of sunbathing. If you want a little company, have a closer look at the fish on an unforgettable diving trip! This trip to the Red Sea leaves you totally speechless.

Shopping in the Miami sunshine

You're not embarrassed to say that you love spending hours in the shops, looking for the perfect product at just the right price. So treat yourself to a solo trip worthy of any fashionista: make your way towards the palm trees of Miami! The Floridian capital enjoys plenty of sunshine and has some incredible malls. Staying in the ideally located Pullman Miami hotel, you're just a stone's throw away from the biggest outlet malls. From Dolphin Mall to Lincoln Road Mall, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the latest accessories and on-trend outfits. A true shopaholic's paradise, just for you!

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