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Summer in Zurich

Harrys Ding: Our Favorite Summer Destinations in Zurich

Harrys Ding

Harrys Ding - harrysding.ch

Harry and Carrie are the creative minds behind popular Zurich food blog Harrys Ding. They have been involved in the dynamic food scene since 2008 and love discovering new food trends, exciting restaurants, cozy cafés and attractive travel destinations. The pair scout out, sample, photograph and then write about their discoveries. "We want to inspire our readers with good stories, emotive photos and carefully chosen tips," explain Harry and Carrie.

When it's summer in Zurich, temperatures reach Mediterranean levels and the evenings are mild, people move outdoors - and, if they can, onto the banks of the clear, refreshing Lake Zurich or the peaceful River Limmat. We want to tell you about our three favorite summer destinations in the city.

Seebad Enge
Seebad Enge on the right bank of Lake Zurich is one of the most popular outdoor pools in the city (photo: harrysding.ch / Carrie Meier-Ho)

Zurich's star attractions during summer are the "badis," or outdoor swimming pools. Found on both the river and the lake, these public pools are located throughout the city. During the day, they offer the ideal location to enjoy the sun and swim in the wonderfully cool and refreshing lake, and you can even grab a bite to eat - homemade snacks are almost always available. In the evening, these attractive urban retreats transform into popular locations to meet friends, listen to music and enjoy a drink or two.

An Oasis in the Heart of the City: The Zurich Frauenbad (photo: harrysding.ch / Carrie Meier-Ho)

Swimming, Standup Paddle Boarding and Delicious Snacks

One of our favorite badis is Seebad Enge, which is just a 10-minute bike ride from where we live. We don't live close to the lake, so this shows you how small and compact Zurich really is. Exploring by bike is certainly the easiest way to see the city! Even if you don't have your own bike, you can rent one free of charge from Züri rollt and reach any part of the city in no time at all. And of course this option is also available to visitors - you just have to provide an official ID.
But back to Seebad Enge. We love to start our day here! Sometimes we go standup paddle boarding (SUP) for some early morning exercise, then glide along the shore and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the water. These popular boards can be hired at the badi for CHF 35 per hour. It is perfect for both body and soul!
Of course our hunger cannot be staved off for long after that, so we're lucky that Seebad Enge is known not only for its exclusive location with wonderful views of the city and mountains, but also for its wide selection of light meals. After some exercise, we like to eat pancakes or healthy yet delicious acai bowls. You can't fail to fall in love with this place!

In the evening, the Frauenbad transforms into the Barfussbar, and is no longer women-only, with readings, concerts and an extraordinary atmosphere (photo: harrysding.ch / Carrie Meier-Ho)

A Beautiful Pool for Women Only - during the Day, At Least

Another badi, that (as a woman) you should be sure not to miss is the Frauenbad. This pool on the river enjoys a central location and during the day is open exclusively to women. If you want to find yourself a nice spot on the water's edge, you'll need to get up early - the best places are soon taken. As well as the art nouveau design with wooden structures, the majestic view over the city's four great church towers is a particular highlight. Swans and ducks flock to the badi from all around, keeping the sun worshippers company - and occasionally begging for some bread, too.
The Frauenbad pool, also known locally as "Frauenbadi," is situated between the picturesque old town and the famous shopping street of Bahnhofstrasse, very close to Bürkliplatz. In the evening, the site turns into a trendy bar, casting off the relaxed atmosphere it enjoys by day and transforming into a delightful "barefoot bar" for all - the Barfussbar, where some also come to flirt (barefoot, mind you). When the sun goes down and it gets dark, the river pool glistens under the artful lighting, creating a magical atmosphere. The bar offers all kinds of drinks and snacks, and if live music is also playing, then "Summer Dreaming" is the order of the day.

Fischers Fritz
Fresh fish from Fischers Fritz...The Zurich campsite not only has spectacular views, it also offers excellent food (photo: harrysding.ch / Carrie Meier-Ho)

White Umbrellas, Deck Chairs and Fresh Fish

Summer evenings in Zurich are long and warm, and when the weather is good enough, we like to enjoy pre-dinner snacks outdoors. Fischers Fritz is one of our favorites and an absolute must-visit. More of a beachside pub than a restaurant, this open-air eatery is on Lake Zurich's only campsite - right on the water, with breathtaking views across the lake and of the city on the other side. The whole area is set out with white umbrellas and comfortable deck chairs. The menu features simple dishes prepared using the finest ingredients. Fresh fish straight from Lake Zurich is particularly popular, served in the form of "Fischknusperli" (fried breaded fish pieces). And if you want to, you can always take a dip in the cool water of the lake at any time.

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