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A taste of Germany

Discover the recipe that represents Germany

It’s typical for the season,it’s typical Bavarian with a touch of black forest where I was born

Claudia Zaltenbach

I´m Claudia, born and grew up in beautiful Baden-Baden. Meanwhile, I´m living in Munich for several years.
When I´m cooking, I´m fearless. That means, there´s nothing I don´t want to try. I cook Indian, French, Oriental, German and most of all "cross-over". I want to look into the cooking pots of foreign countries, while I´m travelling. I travelled to Asia, North-, South- and Central America, Europe and South Africa. And the more I travel, the bigger the world becomes.  With this blog, I would like to take you on these small and big journeys and I would like to share my passion for cooking with you.


For 2 people

Pretzl dumplings with wild herbs
 • 250 g pretztbsps (1 day old)
 • 200 ml luke wam milk
 • 1 bunch of wild herbs 
 • 1 egg
 • 1 shallot
 • 1 tbsp non salted butter
 • Salt

 • 250 g loin of venison
 • 1 tbsp frying oil
 • 1 tbsp butter
 • 3 sprigs of fresh thyme
 • Salt
 • Freshly ground pepper

 • 50 g chanterelles
 • 1 tsp butter
 • 1 tsp leaflets of fresh thyme
 • Salt
 • Freshly ground pepper

Blackberry sauce
 • 100 g blackberries
 • 30 ml Port
 • 1 tsp leaflets of fresh thyme
 • Salt
 • Freshly ground pepper


1. Cut the Pretzls in thin slices and put them in a bowl. Pour with milk and let it sit for 5 minutes.
2. Chop the wild herbs finely
3. Chop the shallot and stew in the butter until they’re a bit transparent
4. Mix the herbs and shallots with the pretzl dough. Add egg and salt and knead with your hands.
5. Dip your hand in water, take a small about about the size of a walnut and roll the dumpling between your hands.
6. Boil in salted water for 10 – 15 minutes.
7. Take the dumplings out of the water using a skimmer and keep warm.
8. Heat up the oil ina pan and sear the meat 2 minutes on each side. Season with salt and pepper, butter and thyme. Keep warm.
9. Put the blackberries in the same pan (no cleaning needed) stir several times and add the port.
10. Add thyme, a pinch of salt and let the liquids reduce for 3 minutes
11. In a second pan add the butter for the chanterelles , sprinkle with thyme and a pinch of salt.
12. Cut the meat in thick slices, add the dumplings and the chanterelles and garnish with blackberries and the sauce.

The local gastronomy

Summer in Bavaria is a wonderful time. With this recipe, however, I wanted to thank not only my wonderful Munich for its great markets, but also a bit of my Baden homeland, because I come from the Black Forest, but I have been living in Bavaria for many years. In the Black Forest, of course, we like to eat game. And Bavaria is world famous for its breads and dumplings. Wild herbs are found in abundance in summer and chanterelles are found in the forest. You can collect them yourself or simply buy them at the market.

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