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Phuket Nightlife: Bangla Road

Patong Beach, Party Central

Looking for a fun night out in Phuket? Here’s why Bangla Road, the heart of Patong Beach’s nightlife, should be your first stop.

Tiger night club phuket

Located on the fringe of Patong Beach, Bangla Road is a 400-metre stretch that packs a punch. A conduit for those making their way to Patong Beach in the day, the car-free street promptly comes to life once the sun sets, jammed with bars, pubs, street vendors, restaurants and touts competing for customers.
Unsure about where to start amid the blur of neon lights and live music along the street? Here’s a list of bars and clubs that will help you sea-ize the day in the heart of Phuket’s nightlife.

Tiger Disco

Covering an impressive 5,000 square metres across three levels, Tiger Disco is a must-visit for those who want to experience Phuket’s nightlife at its busiest — and loudest. Located near the eastern end of Bangla Road, the huge entertainment complex is hard to miss with an open-fronted bar on the first floor and large concrete tigers overlooking the street from the second floor.
A perfect post-beach hang-out, enjoy a refreshing beer at one of Tiger Disco’s many bar counters as a live band plays on a stage at the back of the room. The outermost tables are a great spot for those who want to watch the crowds stream in just as the sun sets. Once you have worked up an appetite, pop into the restaurant at the back of the first floor for a local Thai dinner in a quieter atmosphere. 
Don’t forget to visit the discotheque on the second floor, which features massive animal statues, impressive laser shows and renowned international DJs.

Tai Pan Phuket

Billed as one of Patong’s premier club venues, Tai Pan is decorated with large disco balls and an underlit dance floor that looks like something out of the 1977 Hollywood hit Saturday Night Fever. Swing by after dinner for live rock and pop music from 10pm to midnight, and feel-good club tunes spun by resident DJs later in the night. 
Or arrive earlier if you want to make it in time for Happy Hour, which runs from 8.30pm to 10pm. Enjoy a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, which range from cheap beers to premium spirits like Johnny Walker Blue Label. Not only is entry free, with employees giving out vouchers for free shots, but the club is also guarded by security, making it a safer and more approachable place to party at.

Red Hot Club Patong

Arguably one of the best live music bars on Bangla Road, Red Hot Club Patong is known to get the crowds dancing along to familiar pop and rock songs. The bands are more than happy to accept requests for songs throughout the night, making for an engaging experience ahead. 
Settle in at one of the many tables around the pub, and choose from an extensive drinks list, which includes classic cocktails, mixed spirits and draught beer. It will be hard to tear your attention away from the stage once the bands start playing — not only are the songs great to sing along and dance to, but they are sung by some of the best singers in the region. Cheerful service staff are also on-hand to take your drink orders from your table.
Once you have filled up on liquid courage, show off your vocals by joining the band in a song or two. The bands are usually more than happy to have a participative crowd looking for some good clean fun.

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