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Superbowl and Beyond in the San Francisco Bay Area

What to do in San Francisco before the SuperBowl Takes Center Stage.

When Superbowl 50 rolls around in early 2016, most of the action will take place around Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, just 30 minutes from Sofitel San Francisco Bay. If you want to explore the Bay Area beyond the big game, here are a few places worth checking out:

museum san francisco

Computer History Museum

Engage your inner Epistemophile at this museum aptly located in Silicon Valley, just 20 minutes from Sofitel San Francisco Bay, in the heart of all things high-tech. It chronicles the history of the information age through a detailed collection of artifacts and exhibits. Vintage video games and consoles, mainframes from the 1960s, and the Google self-driving car are among the highlights.

Ferry Building Marketplace

With 4 dozen merchants, the Ferry Building Marketplace is a food lover's nirvana. Make room for the Vietnamese crêpe at Slanted Door or a dozen oysters at Hog Island Oyster Company. Pick up an edible souvenir to take home, from coffee beans at Blue Bottle, a local coffee roaster with a cult following, to a box of Recchiuti Confections chocolates.
mystery house

Winchester Mystery House

For an offbeat outing, visit the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, 30 minutes from Sofitel San Francisco Bay. The 160-room former residence of Sarah Winchester, heiress to the rifle fortune, is a bizarre architectural feat. With miles of hallways, staircases that make no sense and secret passageways in the walls, this mansion turned popular tourist attraction was designed to dissuade evil spirits.
golden gate park

Golden Gate Park

If you are a nature lover, head to Golden Gate Park. Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll, visit the Conservatory of Flowers or check out the herd of bison at the Bison Paddock, there's something for every member of the family.

De Young Museum

Located within Golden Gate Park, the De Young will satisfy your cultural cravings after a weekend full of sport. The museum showcases American art from the 17th century through the present day. Its rotating exhibits - which have highlighted everything from Turner to Jean-Paul Gaultier - are also worth checking out.

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