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Explore Sydney as a family

Impressed by the mild climate and the locals' friendly welcome, you're ready to enjoy all that Sydney has to offer!

It's a well known fact that Sydney's wonderful climate and convenient location make it one of the most popular holiday destinations. But wouldn't you like to find out for yourself what all the fuss is about? Well, grab your best swimsuit and get the camera and sunscreen ready, because Sydney is waiting to host you and your family!

Bondi Beach

9 a.m.: Reinvigorating wake-up at Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, one of the world's most stunning and popular beaches, is almost deserted this early in the morning. You pitch your sun umbrella and prepare the beach towels, ready for the fun in the sun to begin. There are plenty of activities to keep the whole family occupied: the kids build sand castles, swim, play and safely explore while you get stuck into a good novel, savouring the early morning tranquility. Who said holidays were designed for sleeping in?  
 Royal Botanic Gardens

11 a.m.: Walk and picnic with harbour views

You follow the children as they explore every nook and cranny of the Royal Botanic Gardens in search of white cockatoos and giant bats! When the hunger gets the better of you, you stop for a well-deserved picnic at the water's edge. Seated on the luscious green grass in between exotic plants, stunning views abound, with Sydney Harbour before you and Cremorne Bridge behind.
 Australian Museum

1 p.m.: Check out the dinosaurs at the Australian Museum

A short stroll from the Botanic Garden, the prehistoric mastodons await you at the Australian Museum! Children are mesmerised by the impressive T-Rex skeletons, and slightly frightened by the life-size reproductions of the terrifying velociraptor. To avoid nightmares tonight, it's best to go to the area specially designed for under-fives, where they can have tonnes of fun while learning. Entertaining and educational, your Sydney trip fits the bill for the whole familly!
 Taronga Zoo

3 p.m.: Take the ferry to discover the local fauna

Holding onto the rail of the ferry which has just cast off from Circular Quay, you tell the children that it's time to leave behind the dinosaurs for now, as they are about to meet Australia's most famous animals. Once inside Taronga Zoo, you have to move quickly to hold back your little ones, who are already running towards the koala enclosure to see the irresistibly cute marsupial. And when they catch a glimpse of the kangaroos from afar, good luck catching up with them!
Darling Harbour burger

6 p.m.: Having seen the animals feeding, it's time for your own dinner

The zoo closes its gates at 5 p.m., so it's time to take the ferry back to the city. After a few minutes, you're in Darling Harbour, one of the hippest neighbourhoods in Sydney. Walking along the lit jetty, your children get excited when they see Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. But it'll have to wait until tomorrow; in the meantime you grab a table to dig into mouthwatering burgers while enjoying the striking view over the Harbour and the cityscape... There's nothing quite like Sydney by night!

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